Why Shahrukh Khan Gave His House to Irrfan Khan


Shahrukh Khan Gave His House To Irrfan Khan. One of the finest and extremely talented actors, Irrfan Khan, breathed his last breath on 29th of April, 2020. The actor has won millions of hearts through his great acting skill. His acting was all about expressing through those deep expressive eyes. He was undoubtedly one of the humblest Bollywood actors. Other celebrities are paying their condolences towards the family. Amidst all these saddening and heart-breaking news, a shocking news has come forward recently. According to reports, published on several news daily, suggested that King Khan of Bollywood, SRK, gave his house to Irrfan Khan. Yes, this is a quite shocking news but it is true that Irrfan Khan got a house from Shahrukh Khan in the year 2018. Let us find out in this video, what really happened back in 2018 that Shahrukh gave Irrfan, one of his houses. Irrfan Khan was diagnosed with a high-grade neuroendocrine tumour back in 2018. As health condition of the popular actor was deteriorating, he had to go to London for indefinite months for his treatment. But before leaving for London for his treatment, Irrfan Khan wanted to see one of his good friends, Shahrukh Khan, with whom he worked in Billu. Irrfan’s wife Sutapa Sikdar informed Shahrukh Khan that Irrfan wants to meet him before going for his treatment. Being one of the humblest actors of Bollywood, Shahrukh Khan came to visit his ailing friend. Shahrukh Khan came and sat with Irrfan Khan. Both the friends talked with each other for long time and SRK spent more than two hours with Irrfan. When SRK came to know that Irrfan was going to London for treatment, he gave Irrfan the keys of his London house. Shahrukh Khan wanted his friend, Irrfan, to feel like home during his long period of treatment at London. SRK also did not want his ailing friend to face any trouble regarding his stay at London. So, he asked the actor to use his house as his residence during his stay at London for treatment. The actor has left us too son but his incredible works will stay with us forever. May his soul rest in peace.

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  1. No Offence But You Need To Improve Your English And Aswell As Your Knowledge. How Come You Spelled Too Soon As ‘too son’ Are You A Shmack Or Something.

  2. Soooo sad for Irfaan he was an international actor but so down to earth Hollywood paid tribute to him too

  3. Can you please improve your spoken english first. The pronunciation is very bad. I am sure a lot of other viewers will agree.🙄🙄🙄🇧🇩

  4. Just to stay there not gave it to him these are two different things.u people are so dumb assholes😡😡

  5. A friend in need is a very true friend indeed. Sharukh never disappoints his friends especially when in need .miss you irfan .but I'm happy that your pain has left you and that you are in a happier place .🤲🤲🤲🤲🤲💔💔💔

  6. Stupid reporter to use his house and gave his house Carrie's different meaning what so surprising or shocking was it about giving his house he did not give forever it was lended out as help for him to stay free of cost and use it like his house during his treatment phase there

  7. The woman says he was affected by the tumor in 2019 but it is written in the screen 2018 .so shame of u


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