Why CANCELLING Euro 2020 Is Good For Your Club! | One on One


Hello EFD Squad and welcome back to One on One, the show where we take a deep dive into specific subjects from the world of football – ranging from teams we love, to the latest controversies.

In this episode, we’re breaking down the decision to move EURO 2020 to 2021 – a resolution confirmed by UEFA on Tuesday the 17th of March.

We’ll also be analysing why it has taken the organisation so long to arrive at this decision, as well as exploring UEFA’s motive to hold it in 12 countries in the first place…

As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter – so get in the comments below and someone will respond to you in the first hour the video goes live!

Take care out there team.

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  1. 8:08 I'm from Baku and i find that very offensive against us Azerbaijani people. Are you out of your mind to make such a racist comment?!

  2. With the Hall of Fame happening for the premier league who would be your top 50 or even top 20 in a worldwide hall of fame and then who would your starting XI be you could do a video call between a few of the FD lads

  3. I hope we can finish the season, but I'm not sure its possible due to the super slow reaction by the UK government…

  4. Watched 8 movies on prime yesterday 🙄
    Couldn't play football
    Can't see any football
    Fifa 20 is boring.Career mode is okay.

  5. Liverpool found out for match fixing, docked 50 points. On a more serious note, what is going to happen to the world cup qualifiers for the 2022 world cup then?

  6. the problem with corona is that when without a host it can survive for 20 hours. 10x longer than a standard cold or flu

  7. Chris i think you should do a pro clubs series with some of the EFD squad and maybe even invite some fans for one off games. this will last some time and will be intereseting.

  8. The official age is just a proxy for biological age or fitness level. Yes most death in Italy, are old. Yes old , AND people with terrible life style habits (overfat, smoker,..). I don't see how an overfat, smoking youth have a much better immune system.

    The German ski tourists who died recently were in their 50s. Healthy people, the bio age correlation is not the cause. They were exercising and didn't notice their infection and the virus reached more quickly the lungs. This might a good clue that sport athletes or people who exercise intensely are at higher risk in terms of the disease severity.


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