Why BLINKS DEMAND BLACKPINK Lisa Apologize For Rude Behavior? YG Allowed This?


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Today we talk about #Blackpink #Lisa and her on the Korean TV show called #YouthWithYou2 . Some BLINKs had some comments on whether or not she was being nice or not. They felt her attitude on the show was rude. I talk about my opinions on what happened and how I feel about that. Blackpink Lisa is always such a sweet person so seeing this side of her on the TV show was definitely a shock. But she is of course very passionate about dancing and I love that.

Lisa (BLACKPINK) is serious and strict when teaching choreography:

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  1. It doesn’t make any since because if u think being perfect and begins good at dancing and also professional is consider rude now a days i guess people are a dummy now because Lisa did a perfect job at teaching behavior and dancing and plus 1. She was helping the trainees and she just trying to help and her behavior on that is on point good like she was being kind 2. She knows what’s she’s doing because she do dance practice for 16 hours a day so practically she knows what she’s doing and knows that she’s doing a good job 3. Don’t just hate on her like latterly she know better then the haters what are the haters the “presidential perfect” I don’t think soo and plus I bet she could dance better then the haters and her attitude doesn’t madder she was nice she gave good corrections and she’s not being rude about it too. SoOo what is your point hater or should I say TRASH LIS IS AMAZING (WHAT COME AT ME IF U THINK SHES NOT ALSOME)

  2. I watched that episode. And I loved her on that show. She wasn't being rude, she was encouraging and giving feedback so they can fix those tiny details. This is a side of Lisa that not a lot of people see and I think that's sad because those who criticize her for being quote rude are not taking her dedication seriously. They want to keep seeing the cute bubbly person who can be a crackhead sometimes on this show. But, what they fail to see and recognize on this show is that when you have to put in the work, make mistakes, scream, cry, put in blood, sweat, and tears where it counts. This is where you see how much they want it. This up close and personal Lisa is what everyone should want to see. Well anyway, point is those people are crazy and need to go away and stop being dickwads.

  3. she is just being preffesional with the trainees because of course she wants them to be good and actually 6 hours is kinda short sorry but she is right she is just dong what she did to so people don't hate she is just professional

  4. It's not Lisa's fault that she's trying to help and she gets strict like if I was taking dance lessons I would like to have a strict dance teacher that was serious. Let her be her and you be yourself people!

  5. this is what people mean when they say kpop is sexist. nobody said anything when hobi was being a strict dance teacher or when lay from exo was being a strict judge but all of a sudden when a girl (lisa) is strict they wanna act like it's the end of the fucking world

  6. If you really love your work/dream just accept their being strict to you, they're just wanna make you great and brave in that field. I can't blame Lisa for this, Lisa also suffered a lot during her trainee days, she said before in interview, their training is hard and sometimes they have no rest time until you perfect the dance practice.

    The performance is sometimes based on people's opinion, the company don't want to hurt you in their criticism, that's why they always make sure their talents practicing their performances perfectly or else they'll receive negative responses from viewers. Remember we live in full of judgmental world. Only good thing to do is to work hard perfectly so you can kill them with success. 😁

  7. Honestly I actually think Lisa is playing up to the cameras a bit.
    I think she feels like she needs to be bring that aura.

    Also it’s a bloody show, whose to say the producers didn’t say to Lisa that she has to be a certain way when teaching these potentials.
    Cuz stuff like this happens all the time for entertainment purposes.

    Don’t get wrong, I see Lisa’s passion for dancing. Its clearly there and she’s strict when she needs to be but for some parts It just doesn’t didn’t seem very natural.

    Especially with her big contrast in personality/expressions that you see in behind of scenes of Blackpink or her just interacting with others.

    Some parts just felt ‘put on’ to me. No hate, my opinion.

  8. She’s strict and she wants them to be good at dance, she just wants them to do the best, some may dislike it but most dance instructors are strict like this. I used to dance and my teachers were strict but obviously never strict in this way as I wasn’t in this industry.

  9. Damn lisa can't be that dorky and laughable person all the times, when u have to do a work like dancing they have to be serious about it.

  10. yeeeeeeessssss finally a bp reaction again i love youre viedeos i love you could you please react to wannabe by itzy and aria by craxy

  11. I think she was trying to be helpful I don’t think she was rude at all better her say it then someone worse an not on your side

  12. Those were not BLINKS. They are BLONKS. If they're really BP fans they'd know that Lisa is very serious when it comes to dancing. And she's just being professional. Where ever you go if there's teaching involve teachers needs to be strict for their student to learn, so why is Lisa teaching or mentoring them different? They're just haters for sure. It's just plain simple. Why would they blame lisa. My gosh. Hahaha. 💕💕💕

  13. Being strict and being rude is two different thing Lisa is just being strict for the sake of the trainees to help them improve

  14. It is not rude to be strict,and passionate. She is just trying to help the trainees. When she was a trainee she probably went through the same since she is apart of a very strict company. It's not bad for a person to be strict with another person because they want to help them achieve their dreams. Plus, it's not like she's screaming at them and being mean for no reason. She uses constructive criticism which helps the people understand what they need to do and how to do it. These are young ladies competing to be the best, so if they want to learn quick and fast then they need a strict teacher like Lisa to catch all their mistakes and tell them how to fix them. If Lisa wasn't strict and intentive then the groups wouldn't have looked that good. Lisa was just doing what any mentor should do which is help the person achieve their dreams and win.

    This is my personal opinion so please don't get mad at me for having a different opinion .

  15. hi Dave Disci!!! to build of of your answer, i agree with what you have said, yes lisa is being strict but only because she is passionate about dancing and wants the trainees to suceed. i love your videos a lot and i purple all of you💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜!!!#BTS stan and #blink also #blackpink!!! i love all k-pop groups. leave a like and reply if you are a k-pop fan!

  16. I don't see people giving jhope crap about how serious he gets when he's teaching choreography.
    It's all "ohhh daddy" "He's sexy when he's serious" . Yet Lisa has to be all bubbly and giggly, there might be some sexism in there.

  17. I am sitting here, I am watching the show the trainees seem to love Lisa and most of them are fans of Lisa and Lisa training the trainees is part of the show isn’t it??

  18. Rude means saying unreasonable mean words or a bad attitude to people all she doing is give advice to girl to make the better dancers is that rude

  19. Practice makes perfect and Lisa knows this. The trainees should be over the moon that she takes time to help them prepare for their future.

  20. All I’m going to say before i write a big paragraph it’s a competition and if your not strict with whatever it is your doing don’t expect to win


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