What Apple didn't tell you about the iPad Pro & Magic Keyboard!


Here’s all the features and details Apple didn’t tell us about the new iPad Pro and Magic Keyboard case! Plus, the MacBook Air still has a 720p FaceTime camera.

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  1. It is expensive, but I will be getting it first with my current iPad Pro and then possibly upgrade to the new iPad Pro.

  2. I have to make a decision pretty soon, my 2011 Macbook Pro is finally dying. She has been really good to me and until recently was working like a champ. I still have the iPad Air 2, which works great but lets face it, really behind the times. However I don't want to buy both a new Laptop and a new iPad. So I think I'm going to choose one or the other and with the new Magic Keyboard, it makes owning just an iPad a more reasonable proposition.

  3. Apple used to be all about the music. What about garage band and other recording apps? Any improvements there on the 2020?

  4. People always talk about iPads as "luxury" stuff. For people with low vision or blindness, this is way more accessible than any laptop. Now, in my case, I wouldn't benefit from that magic keyboard. The reason why I can't with a laptop is precisely the freaking keyboard between my face and the screen. 😂
    An iPad would be right there, almost touching my nose, so I just need a Bluetooth keyboard and accessories connected through the USBC port.

  5. I really want an 11” iPad Pro… Really trying to save the money for it for when I get the chance to buy it in the US 😞

  6. If you really think about it, the iPad Pro keyboard folio is already $180 and if you want a trackpad, (Apple Magic Trackpad 2) it is $130, so that’s $310 for a full desk top setup that’s not even portable, and that’s $10 more than apples magic keyboard so your really just getting a portable desktop setup and 2 free Starbucks drinks.

  7. Okay, I’m gonna rant!
    Tired of everyone wanting to turn tablets/iPads into laptop computers!
    What is wrong with all of these people wanting to turn touch screen iPads, with rudimentary computing features into a laptop computer?!
    An iPad/iPad Pro cannot compete with a full featured laptop/desktop computer!
    It is NOT even close!
    You need a laptop? Purchase a laptop, NOT an iPad/iPad Pro!
    iPads had been meant to be fully portable, self-contained, touch screen computing devices, but the masses of users, that have no vision nor inclination to learn new tools and features and new ways of doing things and new ways to do computing, just want to turn/will still convert tablets into the tired “old school” cliché of the laptop computer paradigm, that they have known and have been used to for decades, where you still need an actual surface to put up all of these needless, peripheral, external devices to actual use!
    Essentially, no longer making any iPad portable, any longer, and tying iPads/tablet devices down to a tabletop/work surface, once again!
    An iPad/iOS/iPadOS still does NOT hold a candle to a full featured laptop or desktop computer!
    Hence why I still use an iMac everyday, in addition to an iPad Pro, of which, ANY iPad is still ONLY a companion computing device!
    Trying to turn a limited computing device, like any iPad model, into some sort of lesser laptop/MacBook is just a “stooopid” idea!
    Throwing external keyboards, mice or trackpads, Apple Pencils/stylii and, not to mention, a wide variety of various types of external drives, now, to this once easy, simple and very portable, go anywhere touch screen computing device, is just ridiculous, now!
    Purchase the right tool/device for the job, already!
    Stop trying to turn an easy to use, quick and potable touch screen, limited computing device into something it is not!
    This is just insanity.
    Just stop, already!
    I have been using iPads for 10 years and other than a stylus ( I do not use an Apple Pencil, btw ) I do not see the need to use all of this external crap that everyone else seems to think they need to use an iPad everyday!
    Especially if it does NOT plug in directly into the port an iPad, but needs all sorts of external cables and adapters or dongles to use!
    Does anyone really want to have to schlep/carry around with them external keyboards, a mouse or track pad, Apple Pencil/stylus and some sort of external SSD or mechanical spinning hard drive, power bricks and cables in some rather large storage carryall, wherever they go?
    This is what the iPad masses have wanted/envisioned for iOS/iPadOS and iPad for all of these years!
    Turning an elegant device into an inelegant “Frankenpad” of a mobile computing device?
    Again, really?…
    You are taking what was once an elegant and simple and easy to use and understand, stand alone, device and just adding a whole bunch of unnecessary, externalised “kludginess”, frustrations and complication to this once beautiful, easy to operate and understand and fully portable device and design, now!
    iPads and iOS/iPadOS just keeps getting more complex, complicated, gesture oriented and unwieldy, now, because of all of you that wanted/demanded this, from Apple, to happen!
    Such a shame and a waste of a great idea, design and product!
    iPad could have been something much different, but all of you that wanted iPad to be a laptop have ruined all of that, now!
    The iPad was the last truly great idea from Apple and Steve Jobs, before Mr.Jobs death, and his original dream and ideas for this device have been becoming slowly destroyed or corrupted/reinterpreted.
    An the iPad is no longer an elegant, easy, simple and casual computing device to use any longer!
    It is really a shame.
    Wow, that felt good to come out with all of that!
    Feel better, now.

  8. "If you must let out all your frustrations in the comments below"

    – pretty much sums up the millennial mindset and genz today. Maybe i am old school but I would rather say "if you have any feedback we would love hearing them. Please share yours thoughts on this in the comments section". But I guess that is the world we live in today. America used to be up-beat positive vibe before.

  9. May be my suggestion is not important but still wanna say it, All the devices which comes under warranty and also has Apple care+ should get a extension because Apple stores are closed currently

  10. Magic Keyboard is solid. So well designed! that usb-c port was really smart, to give iPad Pro users the extra port without making room for it inside the device itself. Ofc it is expensive… but solid item.

    As for the new iPad Pro, doesn't have much different but that's not a problem, the power's already insane, and the new cameras are solid. I've heard rumours of a second iPad Pro update later this year with the new processors, we'll have to see!

  11. Thanks Brian for the video, I’m personally excited for the magic keyboard for my 2018 iPad Pro, yes it’s expensive but most of the time I don’t have a need to use a laptop so this will for me be a great use with my iPad.

  12. @Brian Tong- I'm currently using the Logitech Slim Folio Pro with my 3rd-gen. 12.9 inch Ipad Pro. To be honest, I like the case, but I don't love it. Would you recommend keeping the case that I have or upgrading to the Magic Keyboard Case for over $200 more? Thanks

  13. I think this is great device as it’s ready to go, literally no boot up time. But for me you can get a great Chromebooks for under $500. It needs to be within that price range.

  14. I was going to buy an iPad Pro last year, decided against it because it didn’t really do enough to justify it over my MacBook Pro. I’m definitely buying this one with the keyboard and I’ll sell my MacBook

  15. I have the 2018 iPad Pro 11in, and I am glad that the new trackpad keyboard is compatible with it. It is definitely pricey, but I want it, but will probably wait till either the price goes down, or I save enough money and just get it when it is available. Good review! A lot of good stuff. Looking forward to more.


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