Lost in Vietnam, Vietnam Vlog #028.

In this vlog we take the Phú Quốc cable way to Pineapple Island. This is the longest cable car in the world, at almost 8 km long, it is an incredibly breathtaking experience. Soaring well above the turquoise water and dozens of little islands below. Riding over the An Thoi Archipelago and watching the turquoise coral reefs and islands from the sky felt like a genuinely once in a lifetime experience. We highly recommend it!

When we arrived on the island, we had no idea where to go! The signs either pointed to nowhere or had nothing written on them at all. We had to use the drone just to see where we were! We eventually found where to go and when we finally we arrived we were met with one of the most beautiful looking beaches in Vietnam.

This island is a true hidden gem and is sure to explode into a mainstream tourist attraction very soon. Luckily it is still in the developing phase and still relatively unheard of. The island blew us away with its beauty and wealth of activities to keep travelers entertained.

So far we are really enjoying our time in Vietnam. We travelled to Phú Quốc during the TET holiday and although the island was a lot quiter than normal, there were still a number of tourists on the island. The weather was fantastic too!

Phú Quốc is Vietnam’s largest island and can be found a short plane ride from the Ho Chi Minh City, which provides a fantastic getaway for those living in the bustling metropolis.

Be sure to stay tuned for the next few vlogs from Phú Quốc , we cannot wait to show you! We’ll see you there!:)

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Stay tuned for more videos from Vietnam!

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We’re Rhett & Claire, a couple from Johannesburg, South Africa. We left Africa to embark on an adventure starting off in Asia! We would really love to have you follow along on this adventure! Our first few months will be spent in South East Asia where we are enrolled for a TESOL course in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam!

Our goal for this channel is to document and show you guys as much of the process as possible while making it fun, informative and cinematic. So stay tuned if you are interested in exploring new places with us, eating weird and wonderful foods and diving into the local culture and life as an English teacher in Asia.

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  1. Hey everyone! Welcome back to another video. We take a day trip to Pineapple island via the worlds longest cable car – its nearly 8 KMs! When we arrive we have no idea where to go and end up getting lost and get lost! Anyway, we had a great adventure, nonetheless and that's what being wanderlust is all about! We will see you in the next video!

  2. Hi. I will go to phu quoc next week. May I know the operating hours for the cable car? Hope you can reply me. I enjoy watching your vlog. TQ.

  3. I can't believe the signs were useless and wound up getting you lost. Thank God you had the drone to help you find your way. What time of the year did you visit the Island? I want to make sure that I don't go there during that holiday.

  4. Nice video guys! We'd love to check out Vietnam! Haha, it's nice seeing a video that shows the crowds that come with travel/tourism. Most videos cut them out! You sometimes have to go the extra mile to get some space don't you!

  5. Those drone shots, amazing! This is one place we weren't able to make it to during our Vietnam travels, looks beautiful!

  6. Excellent and really impressive video guys. thanks for sharing. thumbs up and have a great weekend.

  7. We've just came back from Hanoi two weeks ago, Phu Quoc looks amazing! We would love to visit Vietnam again! Really enjoyed your vlog, very informative. Thanks for sharing, new to your channel, looking forward to watch more of your videos, love the edit!

  8. Omg the queue lol 😂 – but def worth it as soon as you get on views down to the bay 👍👍👍, loving the drone shot too 😍

  9. So happy I can be a part of your wonderful journey. How is the teaching coming along; when you guys are travelling all the time, when do you get to attend classes? Although I must admit I would rather travel than teach

  10. Hahaha OMG that sign 😂😂 why have a sign with directions?? That's so funny! WOW look at all of those scooters?! Legit hundreds! OMG I think I would of had a panic attack on that cable car 😂 haha 8kms over the ocean…So stunning, but also a bit scary!! Eeeeekkk!! Who's your friend that always in the background of your vlogs with a nice looking canon camera? Does he have a channel too? Another wicked vlog guys!

  11. I really love watching your adventure as it unfolds in these beautiful and strange places you are finding to explore. Love it, love it, love it; bring on more and more and even more.

  12. Awesome vlog guys! Phu Quoc is such a beautiful spot to explore – haha how much fun is the cable car! Keep em coming 💖✌

  13. I guess vloggers don't need to have compass because they have drones ! I am so glad I was not trying to board on that 7:20 bus: 🙂 Nice sunset scenery

  14. We are blown away again!!Awesome vlog and such an amazing experience for us guys. U both look so incredibly happy. Enjoy and thanks for sharing


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