Vladimir Putin considering law change to keep power


Russia’s ruling party says it would back an amendment to the constitution that would allow Vladimir Putin to stay on as president until at least 2036, if he decided to pursue such a motion.


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  1. Thank you for your hard fateful work, Putin. You are a brilliant, intelligent and cosmic Leader who works and understands a global conceptual management.

  2. Who else makes constitution so that they will stay in power for 14 more year??
    He is making a system of government where he is the primary beneficiary.
    I cannot tell my boss that IAM going to mandatory work there for 14 more years!
    I cannot tell a woman that she have to be with me for 14 more year and her choice to leave is bogus .(although it will be funny)
    He should change his name from
    Put-in to in-put

  3. Wow, if the people of RUSSIA do not take rally s and protest marches against their right to choose the next President , it will show they trust him or they fear they will be on his hit lis of Putins Potter s magic wand to make you disappear. What PUTIN WANTS TO DO IN CHANGING THE LAW TO STAY IN POWER IS OF A DICTATOR S INTENT.. Putin is a real Powerful Man if this goes thru and we all see this as a Bully move to surpress the people of RUSSIA. WOW.. 1 man can not choose who be a leader,, it s the people first just like Russia s traditional motto of The People, Putin is overlooking this for his antics are just like The MONARCHS of the old ways and he has to see this or he just dont care and feel he is the people over millions. LET HIM HEAR THIS OF 1 CAN NOT CHOOSE OVER MILLIONS, HE IS NOT Zsar

  4. Just give it up Vlad! For heavens sake! You were the President, we get it. You did the best you could for your country and human history will always remember. Not in the best way, but it will remember you just the same. Just let it go. In the eyes of everyone who can see you have no legitimacy. You lost that 10 years ago and now you want 12 more years of no legitimacy? Why man? Why?

  5. Greetings from THE BRIDE OF JESUS CHRIST 🌟✝️✨ Canadian Native I am. Lady Liberty for the Americas
    Many choose to vote for communism, socialism, allthesameism. Men like this and thier idiologies are not for the people.
    Governments will fall as The Revolution rocks on. Liken it too Steven King's… The Last Stand it be. God's people are rising as End of times it is 🔥🔥🔥.
    Cheers 🤳🙏💖 to the Warriors.
    Bee 🐝⚖️💜🏴🏳️✝️

  6. Guys, I’m russian and i can tell you that we are tired of this dude. He’s a dictator, we don’t have a choice because opposition leaders are getting killed and elections are fake. Simple as that

  7. Da quanto tempo è che mi preparo ..probabilmente da 7-8 anni a questa parte lo sapevo già in anticipo è una delle ragioni per cui fumo costantemente si dà il caso che la cenere sia un ottimo disinfettante ciò non toglie ognuno di voi deve stare al proprio posto… Confinati tutti… Come vanno i suoi esperimenti costanti??? No me lo dica o i miei informatori personali… È solo questione di tempo non si preoccupi 😇🧚☠️🧞🤶👻😈💀🧙👽🛸


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