Vietnam Dental Tourism: Da Nang Dental Destination Guide 2020


Today, Lotus Dental Travel will bring you the ultimate guide to Da Nang – the city has ranked number one in the top 10 trending destinations for international tourists in 2020 according to Forbes. If you are planning on your Vietnam dental holidays, especially Da Nang, or if you have already stayed here for a few days, this destination guide will help you in several aspects like where to stay, what to do…Enjoy your dental work in Vietnam while making the best out of your holiday!

In this video, we cover the attractive destinations you can visit, the best accommodations in the city, the traditional food of Da Nang, and the quality of dental clinics so that you can get the best Vietnam dental vacation packages.

Lotus Dental Travel is the number one dental tourism facilitator in Vietnam. We connect international patients to an exclusive network of highly qualified dentists in Vietnam. Our comprehensive approach has taken every aspect of your dental holiday in Vietnam into consideration. We collaborate with dental clinics in Hanoi, Da Nang, Nha Trang, Ho Chi Minh city to come up with offers of dental treatment with the highest quality in dental technology and the best staff you will ever find! Contact us today to learn more about our special offers, or to schedule a free consultation with our highly qualified dentists:

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  1. Nice upload, keep uploading! Do you know of FollowSM . c o m?? I’ve been using it on my main channel to increase my subs.

  2. Da Nang is absolutely amazing! I've visited it one time and always want to come back: the food, people and scenery and everything is perfect.


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