Vera Wang | Full Q&A | Oxford Union


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Straight after graduation, Vera became the youngest editor at Vogue and stayed with the prestigious publication for 17 years. She set up her own bridal fashion house and has designed dresses for Chelsea Clinton, Mariah Carey and Michelle Obama. Over the last few years, she has expanded her brand to Australia and South Korea, and is one of the most recognised designers in the fashion sphere.

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  1. She's talented. one of her design is really beautiful but i don't like it because the material for her gawn from peacock. It's so sad….
    How many peacock that she killed for her gawn?

  2. She totally ignored what some of the student questions were. For example, the student was asking about how it's possible to get paid to learn, as she recommended, when the internships in fashion are very famously largely unpaid. She clung onto the uncertainty aspect and didn't answer what he was actually asking.

  3. Great interview! For such a successful fashion designer she's incredibly humble and you can see the perseverance and hard work she's put into her collections over the years. Amazing to hear her speak. Lots of the students' questions were terribly worded though, and the interviewer was very robotic and wooden. I would love to learn what a Vera Wang workday looks like, and get a glimpse of how she produces what she does. Truly an inspirational lady.

  4. Vera Wang is beautiful. I am not a clothing designer, but I would love to design at least one outfit for her.


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