Top 10 Steam Punk Video Games


The age of steam may have passed but its impact on gaming endures to this day. Join as we countdown our picks for the Top 10 Steam Punk Video Games. Subscribe►►
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For this list we’re taking a look at the games that serve as the best examples of the steampunk genre in action. This means games that prominently feature technology and aesthetics that appear to come from the 19th century – while being infused with elements of science-fiction and fantasy. It’s a concept that easier to show than explain, so let’s get to it.

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  1. I'm kinda confused on the type of "punk" Dishonored is revolved around. Is it Steampunk, Teslapunk, or Whalepunk? And I know the second game revolves more around Clockpunk, but it's the first one that confuses me.

  2. Thief 1 is not steampunk games idiotS ONLY THIEF 2 AND little DS , Bioshock and Arcanum is 100% steam punk MORON , dishonored is not 100% steampunk because similar city 17 in half life 2 his not Steampunk city IDIOTS ehhhhh , WHAT A IDIOTS MAKE THIS RANKING? HOW MANY PEOPLE IS IDIOTS like this TOP BORING IDIOTIC DUMBSHIT RANKING ,

  3. Ooohh what a brilliant list Guys!

    I so do enjoy Dishonored and Bioshock Infinite
    Sometime I'd quite like to get back to playing Dark Chronicle again still got my PS2 in my playstation collection.

    And I'm sure aswell wouldn't mind having a shot at Machinarium too someday. 👍

  4. One of the best steam punk games is, in deed, 'Syberia' ( as someone already mentioned it below), especially 'Syberia II' (for me, at least).
    The landscape, the story, the music… the automatons. It's a masterpiece of it's genre, with a unique atmosphere.
    Like a deep, transcendental trip, as the story slowly takes you further and further away from modern society, through monumental, dark mementos of the 20th century's history of mankind, into a land of eternal snowfields, where never-ending noises of modern life seem to fade away, letting you re-enter a state of mind, in which you can, once again, embrace the excitement of discovering a world that holds nothing but mysteries and wonders.

    I'm clearly biased, and talking too much bollocks, so take it accordingly.
    But still, if you're having some stressful days, and feel like you want to run away for a few hours and sink into a meditative, super chill-out mindset, you might want to give it a try.
    Honestly… brilliant stuff, man. A piece of art.

  5. LIKE LIKE LIKE… The best steam punk game is The Order 1886 … of the Ps4 … all set in the Victorian era, with machines and weapons of old design but with modern features (many of them made by TESLA that has an important place in the game) … If you like steam punk play The Order 1886 … the best Steam Punk game ever made …

  6. What about Torchlight?!? It's got magic and guns, the yellowish lighting like old Edison-style bulbs, turn-of-the-century dated clothing with leather overcoats.

    And it has one thing that can end all arguments:

    Goggles as an unused, but aesthetic accessory!!!
    Mic drop 😎

  7. I loved the Bioshock trilogy and The Order 1886.
    Dishonored though is horrible.
    If you're looking for a bioshock feeling do not buy it

  8. I absolutely loved Arcanum. It's an old game, but very awesome. It was the first open world game with early character creation and multiplayer I ever played. It inspired my love of both steampunk and PC games. Before Arcanum , I only ever played console games. For any who want to check it out can find it on Steam. I was thrilled to find it there and take a trip to nostalgia.

  9. Bioshock 1: one of if not the best game ive ever played.
    Bioshock 2: not as good but still fucking great.
    Bioshock infinite: absolute fucking trash. It hurts to even fucking look at this garbage.


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