To Bali on the Bintang Express – Jetstar 787 Economy Class


Here’s a video for all of you who think I only fly business or first class!

This flight review covers economy class on the Jetstar 787 from Melbourne, Australia to Bali’s Denpasar Airport in Indonesia.

Bali has long been the holiday resort of choice for Australian travellers with beautiful beaches, the wonderful Balinese people, great resorts, good nightlife and cheap drinks – including the famous Bintang Beer. Whilst Bali has gone more upmarket in recent years the Bogan Spirit lives on and there are still plenty of Bintang singlets to be seen – especially on low cost carrier flights such as Jetstar.

So here it is – to Bali on the Bintang Express – flying Jetstar’s flagship Boeing 787 in economy class.


PS: Here’s the link to EAST who very kindly sent me a memory foam travel pillow to try out. Their packing cubes are really good too.

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Route: Melbourne, Australia (MEL) to Bali, Indonesia (DPS)
Length: 2,726 miles, 5:43 hrs
Flight: JQ35
When: Sept 2018
Aircraft: Boeing 787-8 Registration VH-VKA (Sep 2013)
Seat: 39A
Camera: Sony FDR-AXP53

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  1. Thanks heaps to everybody that watched the Premiere and joined the chat. Was good fun. Won't do it every time but may well try it again. I had some people ask re subscriber meet ups. Have never thought about it as I didn't think there would be much interest. Let me know if you would be interested and where I should have them. Thanks again for all your support – really appreciate it! Happy travels! cheers D

  2. Paying for access to movies? Wow. Looks like I'll be downloading movies on the ole tablet. Paying for movies on a long flight is just ridiculous.

  3. Travelled from NZ to Aus once with JetStar. Ordered meals and paid extra for same. Got sandwiches? Sorry but we’ve run out of your choice? Hello can’t be true as our name was on them? The sandwiches that is? The coffee was like stewed socks. The seat comfort was ok. At least they’d kept seats for us. Never mind it was only for three hours or so.

  4. Hi, can anyone help, I'm flying on Friday on JQ17 can you bring a USB of films and view through the seatback IFE screen? Also, can I use a debit card to pay of inflight snacks?

  5. My gosh Dennis. You are one heck of a handsome fella. The whole package. Hope to be on same flight some day. Chat travels. Love your vids!

  6. Last flight I took with Jetstar was the Adelaide to Darwin flight, that then goes onto Bali, The bogan express with one bogan/Hi Vis drop off in Darwin! I dare say they encounter issues on that route as well as we were limited to ONE drink per order (we were attempting to order more at once as the service was so slow), and were lucky to get 2 drinks the entire flight (3.5-4 hours). It was just lucky we loaded up in QClub prior to boarding! I have taken this flight numerous times and it always suspiciously runs out of Bundy's very early into the flight!

  7. Oh no Dennis, please don't be THAT kind of Australian (bogan). I generally avoid Kuta in Bali, not to run into them 😀


  8. So what is a bintang? I'm guessing some sort of Australian slang. But then again, that'd probably be "binty express!" No one here in California knows that one.

  9. Now I know only 787 jetstar plane apply at australia airport only. Jetstar Asia passenger still have to suffer tight seat cabin. Thanks jetstar for ur caring. Ur competitor already use 787 dreamliner.

  10. Nice that you went on a budget airline . What did you think of the flight
    Not sure I would go on Jetstar for that flight but maybe would check it out.

  11. This was a very enjoyable video I was a bit shocked that you have to pay for film ect, I have never come across this before is this normal in Australia? I'm from the UK

  12. I had an excellent experience flying JetStar from HKG to SIN …..the price was a fraction of what SQ was charging for the same route.

  13. i would fly with them if they flew this aircraft from perth but i will never fly with them again b.c the plane from perth is way to small.

  14. All I get from your videos is that you found a good way to brag that you’re rich without seeming like you’re bragging. But, you failed. You still come across as a conceited douchebag.

  15. I've got the travel bug again. Went to Australia when I was 16 and have wanted to travel more places ever since. I'm planning to fly to London for vacation this summer and this channel has been a good source of information. Hi from Canada!

  16. From one Dennis to another, this is what we love about you. You'll fly at the pointy end of a plane on a Q-suite and then to the bogan bus to Bali in Economy – all with no ego, no biased & up-turning of the nose based on your prior experience. Another great review. Well done!


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