The Ultimate Guide for Touhou Avatar Dream Battle


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  1. Go try beat the hard mode ( means not reaching endless wave but BEAT THEM ( yes u can ) ) that's where reside the whole difficulty of it ( ps love ur voicea and ur video in general ) oui oui très bien

  2. Never ever play this game with chinese people. I finally got a set of stable towers 3 x 5* tower and 5x 4* tower and i thought i can finally beat the game in easy mode, when we reach around stage 57 those chinese people just -votekick me out without a reason.

  3. Hey! Found the ultimate strategy to beat easy. Start with Aki (flower girl). Take second Aki ASAP. If you find any more Akis, feed them to the first one. The first Aki can go 5* TWO TIMES! So you can end up with 3 5* girls and 2 4* Akis and if you sacrifice one more 4* girl and buy 1 4* drug you have 4 5* girls!

    I have beaten it with magical team. Just look for the combos.

  4. To anyone who wants to beat this game in easy mode just have 3-5 5 star hatates . hatate is a god tier

  5. Regarding cirno, you can unlock her 2 other skills with just a 4 star daiyousei. the trick is use aki to level 5 daiyousei, use daiyousei's skill to cirno (cirno must be 5 star by that time). After that, use aki again to swap star with daiyousei (aki will be level 5 again and you can swap level to other girls). the buff on cirno won't be gone even if daiyousei is back to 4 star.

  6. Kanako Yasaka, Koishi Komeiji, and others have their names in japanese order in game., so their surname is written first. So, most people would refer to them as Kanako and Koishi, rather than Yasaka and Komeiji, as Baumi called them. Especially since Koishi's sister, Satori, is in game.
    ps the endless mobs are called "Yukkuri". They're a meme in the touhou community.

  7. I hope more people will learn how to play this game because considering its a TD its alot more entertaining because of the card mechanic and sacrificing your towers, making matches based on luck so it isnt just "build 100 towers and upgrade them and just make a cup of tea or something while you wait for a gg". Just that it is pretty new and badly explains itself (like i get i need to build girls to do dmg but some have badly explained tooltips so u r just wondering if its worth investing in them) so that i could actually play it without my team slipping wayyy too many creeps.

  8. If you do ever play one of the official games, I recommend starting with Touhou 7: Perfect Cherry Blossom. It's an easier difficulty and it has the most characters you may recognize from this game. Touhou 6 or 8 would probably have the second most.

  9. Probably the best content in this channel is when Baumi tries to teach someone something. He just explains his perspectives clearly and easy to comprehend. push 1 for best content

  10. One thing I discovered while playing is that you can get 2 lvl 5's out of the flower girl. I got a 2nd flower girl later than wave 10 and fed her to the one i had placed at the beggining (I don't entirely know if that helped) but after I swapped the lvl 5 flower girl with a lvl 4 as soon as i could, after half of the timer of wave 50 she lvled once again so i could swap once more, and then proceeded to feed her as a lvl 4 drug. Only time i managed to get 3 lvl 5's. Still lost 😐 but hey, its something.

  11. Hi, Baumi! I pass endless by only myself))) Tower at link: U can use some tricks, like bump Aki from 3-star to 4-star with another girl, if you get it at 10-15 lvl. It allows to bump other girls 2 times instead ones, before endless start. Also U can feed Aki, with another one to make her up fast (looks like inse in 10 to 2 sec. she will pass 2 sec. time instead 1. Like 50-49-47-46-45-43-42-41-39. It boost a lot) Sry for bad Eng.))))

  12. I'd advise to feed girls rather than pay potions early as it's much cheaper in the long run esp when you're not using your Food. Pulling 500's early have a chance to pull a decent R like Cirno, Aki, Sizuha, Mei Hong, Chen, Hatate or Letty and any fails can be used as fodder later. Also Houraingyou, the N Stun is actually good as you get her up to 3* as her Bash then does about 500-600 a shot as well as stopping them in their tracks, it can actually Perma Bash single targets to death and I've used her for clean up purposes even at wave 30 Normal. Also has a much much bigger Range making her capable of taking 2 lanes outside and you don't even need to change targets to maximize dps. Overall a good Place and Forget char. Don't worry about 'uselessly' upgrading chars cause they can be used to feed others, 21.6k to get a Mei hong to 4* that won't fit your late game build? Still 13.4k cheaper than buying a lv 4 pot


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