Sun Yat-sen – A Kidnapping in London – Extra History – #2


Sun Yat-sen moves to a new city for safety, but it will not last long–a year after the Revive China society is destroyed and scattered, he is unwittingly kidnapped in London. He must rely on the ingenuity of his outside ally, Dr. James Cantlie…
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  1. REMINDER: as we are going on our annual winter holiday break, Extra History will resume with Sun Yat-sen #3 on January 12 (or sooner if you're a patron…)
    Suggestion survey for future Extra History series is open now!

  2. So Sun Yat-Sen, fed up with the corrupt dynasty selling out to colonialists like England wanted to… overthrow the dynasty to revolutionize rule to an English system, and was using English support for that purpose… I don't know for whom is this more embarrassing: the Chinese revolutionary or the English…

  3. First time watching your videos. First, great videos, very educational and entertaining. Second, I love the hidden pokémon everywhere.

  4. This beer's for you, Lu Hao Dong. Massive respect for what you did, risking your life to save so many others by burning that book. And even after they tortured you, you didn't spill the beans.

    Put simply, there are some cultures out there that would deify a man for what you did.

  5. once you've felt that kick of leading an uprising you gotta go back for a second or third crack at it until final victory ;D

  6. And that was the last time a tyrannical government used their embassy to abduct a political dissident in a foriegn sovereign nation.

  7. Just In another Version: housekeeper was a man, firstly he reported Sun asks him to deliver the letter to the Qing ambassador, then helped Sun until Sun gave him 20 quids and promised him 400 more after he escaped. And… Sun really gave him 400 pounds after.

  8. I don’t think the British know how this works; the Qing were operating on their own soil, soil which Sun had stepped on willingly and they had no right to prevent the Chinese from arresting him!

  9. Sun is not a chinese hero, he is a traitor. A foreign educated rebel, with a foreign religion, cohorting with China’s enemies at the time (Britain and Japan)

  10. "Corruption and Incompetence" seems to be the red thread running through every single ethically unfavourable event in human history.

  11. These are some cute, adorable murderers. I like how even the most bloody events in history are presented so cutely in this channel.


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