SNES Longplay [377] Tenchi Muyo! Game Hen (Fan-Translation)


Played by: xRavenXP

Longplay of Tenchi Muyo! Game Hen, also know as Tenchi Muyo RPG, is a tactical RPG game released to Super Famicon only in Japan and based on anime Tenchi Muyo.

For those who know the story of the anime, the game takes place in the same period, which can already be observed, all the girls friends Tenchi are present. The story begins on a day that Tenchi and company are gathered in her living room, in the same climate of anime where those conversations revolve around Tenchi. But some aliens invade the house, and a girl who leads, kidnaps Sasami. She wants to test the strength of the group, and gave no other, the way they are united by the desire to save and Sasami, more than they accept the challenge, and begins to battle in game and game follows a linear order although sometimes possible to stop to train the characters.

It is a game with isometric perspective. It is a very simple game compared to others of the same genus, has beautifully detailed graphics but lacks many things: there are no items to pick up, few levels and walking speed of the characters unfortunately is low.
A playable game, but I feel this game needs more features, but a lot of features to improve it!


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  1. How do you even get the 2 Guardians at the Main Gate, I looked up what very little info there is and got 1 saying I need to use Aeka for the battle already have her still nothing, the only other thing I saw was 1 walkthrough saying that they spawn randomly at Main Gate which seems more of the case but I have loaded in my save before going in so many times

  2. meu deus. eu lembro que joguei esse game naquele cd do ps2 que vinham centenas de jogos de snes. então eu decidi colocar nesse jogo… eu lembro que tinha jogado por umas 2 horas, ai tinha que desligar o vídeo game 😢 e não lembrava mais o nome do jogo. conclusao: nunca mais pude jogar. mas foi incrível…

  3. Heh, I played this game before. Very short for an RPG game but still somewhat enjoyable, mainly because I'm a huge Tenchi fan. 🙂

  4. Tenchi's granpa needs to be saved ?!?
    i didn't expect the game story to follow closely any of the animes stories, but…
    Anyway this game is horribly slow, i'm gonna skip to the end.

  5. i only watched up to 8:00 now and i have mixed feelings about this game.
    i don't expect amazing graphics for this game genre, but still, it's a SNES game, not a Game Boy game 🙁
    i think most of the animes nonsense is there, but why in hell is Mihashi successful at what she tries in the game ? That's plain wrong !


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