Review: 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor


I review the all-new 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor! Huge thanks to Hoffman Ford for providing me with this Raptor to review! This Raptor is available for purchase and more information about it can be viewed here:
If you’re interested in a Raptor or other Ford contact AJ Benedetto at 717-657-1600 or email and tell them Subaruwrxfan sent you! Hoffman Ford can also be found on Twitter @HoffmanFord and on Facebook:

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  1. Oh no…not this woman again…
    God damn I hate clicking on videos like this and finding out it’s him.

    Before I back out at the 2 min mark.

    Not all F150s come with LED headlights and tail lights like you stated “they all do.”

    Do your research and grow a set.

  2. Should've left the V8 in it, bigass mean looking truck with a tiny motor 😂😂 got the dual exhaust that sounds like a honda Civic 😂 definitely a waste of 70k

  3. That good sound is actually generated from the speaker grilles of the vehicles,v8 engines doesn’t even need fake engine sound in the cabin.

  4. Stand by to be T R I G G E R E D :

    (Ye be warned)

    The only people I have heard bitching about Raptors are people who can’t afford them.

  5. Customer pledge: Please don't buy Ford Ecosport any Ford vehicle, they all look good on papers but in reality, they lack basic safety features. Last week I bought Ford Ecosport car and 4th day the tyre got burst. Thanks to God that nobody got hurt in my family, but not everyone is lucky as us. See how the entire family died in a similar case :

  6. I think this is an amazing car and the v6 makes it better… this is the same v6 as the ford gt with is a half million dollar super car

  7. I noticed when you brought up the tire pressure monitor that the tires are way over inflated. They should be at 38 PSI , not 49. That would contribute to some of the handling concerns you mentioned.

  8. I don’t understand why people are so pissed about the eco boost. If you no shit actually need this truck for what it offers the last thing you’ll be worried about is sound. I drive one almost daily off-road for work and I’ve lost count how many times its outperformed Ford, chevy, and ram V8s in every way, especially Gas Milage wise.


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