Pucca Flash Game : Scissors Paper Stone!


A two player flash game! And of course, I chose Pucca as the player!

Pucca Scissors Paper Stone:

Hope all Pucca Lovers out there will enjoy the videos which I have uploaded!

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  1. Wow pucca it is one thing to chase him and kiss him everywhere but wow hitting him with a hammer just because you lost

  2. It also can be played on Korean Official Pucca Website: http://puccaclub.com/bbs/board.php?bo_table=games_en&wr_id=1

  3. Recuerdo cuando lo jugaba de pequeña, me encantaba xD aunque lo jugaba en coreano, este y un juego en el que debía llevar a Pucca a la cima

  4. 1:51 garu: hI pUcCa :pucca smashes head :garu im out of here goodbye! :pucca are you sure about that? :garu yes :pucca did you know im faster than you? :garu shoot! :garu *runs :pucca Ur ToO sLoW :garu *runs even faster :pucca still slow. :garu ur an ugly fat cow running

  5. Scoreboard:
    If Winner accidentally pressed the defend key: 0
    If Winner presses the attack key before opponent defends: 1
    If Loser accidentally pressed the attack key and the winner pressed the attack key: 2

  6. Original Text for Rule:
    1.묵,찌,빠 구령후 플레이어1은 Z,X,C키로 묵찌빠를
    플레이어 2는 키패드 1,2,3 키로 묵찌빠를 행합니다.
    2. 결과에 따라 승리한 플레이어는 화면에 나타나는 키를
    이용하여 공격을 하고, 패배한 플레이어는 방어키를
    이용하여 방어합니다.
    3. 공격자가 먼저 공격에 성공하면 1점을 얻습니다. 이때
    방어자가 실수로 공격키를 눌러 공격하게된 것을 공격하면
    카운터로 2점을 얻게 됩니다.
    4. 이를 반복하여 5점 이상을 먼저 얻은 플레이어가
    승리하게 됩니다.


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