Oppo Find X2 Pro: One-Upping the Champ?


One-upping the Galaxy S20 Ultra isn’t easy…
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  1. We have the Android phones slaying one another with newer releases day by day.
    And then their is Apple chilling because they know their customers would even buy the 11Pro with a 12 Pro sticker on it

  2. Lmao Samsung ain't been the champ for years but only people who aren't scared to try other phone makers like Huawei and xiaomi, OPPO, and 1 plus know this 🤪💯💯💯💯

  3. Marques, appreciate the level of detail on your reviews. A full review on the Find X2 would be cool, also, maybe more coverage on companies like Xiamoi? They're coming out with that Mi 10 global version soon, and I'd like to see what you think!


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