North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un’s Health Is Subject Of Growing Confusion | TODAY


New uncertainty surrounds the health of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, who hasn’t been seen in public in nearly two weeks. NBC chief foreign correspondent Richard Engel reports for TODAY from London.
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North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un’s Health Is Subject Of Growing Confusion | TODAY


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  1. I actually read that one of the profecies for 2020 is Kim Jong Un will be dethroned and a female will be the new leader

  2. Call it internalized misogyny but I don’t believe women should be in charge. As women we act on emotions, not logic. Period.

    Plus there would be a war once per month because of PMS.

    Also agree that women are vindictive and unfortunately less equipped to handle stress. Women complain about something as simple as having a medicated birth – how can they handle a country? No way. No how. I’ve actually had a child and I felt worse for my husband having to see a baby come out of my vagina than I felt when I gave birth. So yeah. No woman will ever have my vote for any office.

  3. He looks like the human version of a sweet potato tater tot dictator and acts like 1..Is anyone really surprised that Drumpf is still alive? Oh yeah & Kim something too


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