No One Understands Fairy Tail (feels warning)


Love it or hate it, I spit straight fax👆
YouTube’s ultimate fairy tail defense video.
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The Fairy tail is bad but I love it guy; Evanit0:

YouTube’s #1 Fail Fail enthusiast; The Anime Man:

The ruthless Fairy Tail Trash guy; King of Lightning:

Why I’ll Never Stop Loving Fairy Tail; Cartoon Cipher:






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  1. When natsus entire goal throughout the show was to find his dad spent years looking to finally find him and then ultimately lose him as fast as he found him…nah fam alot of anime have hurt me but none of them hit that hard.

  2. I’m sorry I don’t care what anyone says. Fairy Tail is amazing anime and everyone has different opinions. Yes some scenes could be different but isn’t that the same with every anime? I cannot deny how sentimental and incredible fairy tail is to me and I will always defend it.

  3. Lol, can you also make a video for Gray and Lucy haters?😂 I feel like this babies are some of the most hated FT characters.🥺

  4. Huh, cool. A positive video about Fairytail.
    sees that it’s one hour long

  5. When you’re a part of the journey, you really grow to love the anime. It was the first anime I’ve watched and it’s one of my favourites.

    It really teaches you a lot of life lessons alongside being able to laugh and cry with them. I love how there’s literally a lot of supporting characters and that there isn’t a main character/protagonist.

  6. I love all of Nux's choices. He always has a point and explained it with the best point. Fairytail is actually my number 1 anime and will always be a part of me.

  7. Finally someone who doesn't trash Fairy tail without understanding it and for that I love you because I got this concept a long time ago but nobody ever listen I personally love Fairy Tail

  8. Most people hate the fan service and friendship win but realistically it’s a great show for feels eye candy and just in general being a heart warming show getting u to enjoy and love a pretty big chunk of the characters plus let’s be honest there’s much “worst” anime out there

  9. heres why i love fairy tail and why its my favourite anime of all time.
    i first discovered this anime when i was 6 and at the time my family was incredibly toxic,sad and just a bad environment for me and my sister to be around because you see my dad was not the nicest person to my mom so one day 6 year old me was scrolling on youtube and discovered episode 1 of fairy tail. so like any normal human being i pressed on the video and instantly i was obsessed just by the way it started with happy flying over magnolia. (yes i know weird way to get obsessed but 6 year old me just was.)

    Then i started to watch more and more of the episode and it just made me happy to see a happy atmosphere in my life even if it wasnt real because well it really was what i needed at the time and yes i know it does have it flaws like to much fan service, no one dies, its repetitive and even its just the my little pony of shounen anime which yes i do agree these facts are true but if shut down the critic part of your brain and see it in the light 6 year old me and even me now saw it as you would realise its not that bad.

    lastly, fairy tail was my first ever anime and anyone who has been watching anime for quite a long time knows that first anime you ever watch just sticks with you because it was what brought you into this wonderful world know as anime. this is why it is number 1 on my favourite anime of all time despite the fact that by now ive watch 200+ anime over the few years i discovered fairy tail because of what it did for me and yove got to admit it does have those moments when it really teaches you a good lesson

  10. Thanks man! I appreciate the video! Just got finished binge watching it! Favorite anime and I’ve connected with so many characters


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