New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Delivers Briefing On COVID-19 | TIME


New York state has emerged as a major epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in the U.S. as the state which has reported the highest number of COVID-19 deaths and cases.

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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Delivers Briefing On COVID-19


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  1. This is not living. Let’s move on and realize that we have to come out from under this rock!!!!! You try staying home 24/7. Everything is negative with this guy!!!!!! So sick of this guy!!!! Yes these policies are getting old. Let’s move ahead the sooner the better!!!!! JO-ANN LAMONICA. ONEONTA. NEW YORK.

  2. stop blaming the federal govt. give me this give me that. theres 50 states in the union, so you get what you get and you don't get upset. stop whining already and that President Trump for once.

  3. New York just added 3,778 deaths that were not confirmed for Covid but seemed “probable”
    Just inflating their numbers.
    Millions on lockdown because Governor Cuomo is playing games.

  4. Governor Cuomo, do you really treat life as sacred or do you love the culture of death?
    Remember the barbaric RHA that you signed and boasted in January 22, 2019 which murders unborn babies even up to 9 months in the guised of womens rights and convenience?
    Today is the day of reckoning!

  5. "Why Did New York’s Coronavirus Death Count Just Spike?" Larry O'Connor Posted: Apr 15, 2020
    "It's not the people who vote that count, it's the people who count the votes."

    It may have been Stalin and it may have been Napoleon. It may have been Boss Tweed. Regardless of the original source, this truism describes government corruption and manipulation to perfection.

    Even in the face of a global pandemic and an unprecedented government-ordered economic shutdown, politicians are using their power to corrupt vital needed data regarding the Chinese coronavirus and its deadly toll on Americans.

    The latest escapade comes from America's "ground zero" for COVID-19 infections, New York, where the death tally just surpassed 10,000. Or did it?

    The New York Post explains how previously unreported deaths are now, suddenly being included in the city's death count, and the reasons deserve scrutiny:
    More than 10,000 people have died of coronavirus in New York City, including over 3,700 cases where someone never made it to a hospital, the city’s Health Department announced Tuesday.

    The Big Apple’s new death toll is 10,367. That figure combines the 6,589 victims who tested positive for the virus plus another 3,778 who were never tested, but whose death certificates list the cause of death as “COVID-19 or an equivalent,” according to city Health Department data from March 11 through April 13.

    The Post goes on to explain that the victims of probable coronavirus seem
    to center mostly on individuals 75 years or older, according to the NYC
    Health Department.

    The newly revised death count of 10,367 could
    very well be accurate. And, of course, it could be wrong. The previous
    number of 6,589 was the official number right up until the moment it
    wasn't because government officials decided to widen their definition of a coronavirus death.

    The problem – and this is a pretty big problem – is that we are making extraordinary and unprecedented
    decisions that infringe on our dearly held individual liberties and are
    stifling our once-burgeoning economy. We Americans are grudgingly
    willing to make these painful concessions on a temporary basis in the
    spirit of protecting our fellow citizens from infection or death. But
    when we acquiesce to these demands on our freedom, don't we deserve
    sound and reliable data to justify the concessions?

    Instead of solid, reliable data, our leaders have constantly moved the goalposts
    and even the rules of the game. The models shift, the predictions are
    memory-holed and now even something as seemingly solid as an accurate
    tally of how many people have died as a result of this virus is being
    fudged. And it's being fudged in the middle of the game.

    It's hard for a cynic (and these days Americans who are relying on critical
    information from our government and from the news media should be
    radically cynical) to assume this shift in data is being made not for
    scientific or public policy purposes, but to satisfy a political agenda.

    In the Trump era, hard data is tough to come by when it pertains to
    information that could hurt Donald Trump's presidency and legacy. There
    is no doubt that a liberal protocol for counting a COVID-19 death will
    serve to increase the total number and will be used as a political
    weapon against President Trump. That's just a fact.

    Two and a half years after Hurricane Maria swept through Puerto Rico, we still
    don't have an accurate death toll because the methodology for
    determining those numbers was radically modified for the first time in
    history. And it was modified just as President Trump was touting the
    relatively low initial death toll as compared with other, comparable
    storms in American history.

    The Puerto Rico death toll
    immediately became a political cudgel and the media used the new weapon
    forged with unprecedented death count protocols to hammer the president.
    Ironically, if many Puerto Ricans died as a result of government
    negligence post-Hurricane Maria, it appears to have been the fault of
    the local Puerto Rican officials and not the Trump Administration.

    This January, it was discovered that political corruption in Puerto Rico
    withheld federal aid from people suffering from the hurricane in the
    weeks after the storm hit the tiny island. But the same media who were
    making the case that the inflated hurricane death toll was grounds for
    Trump's impeachment mostly ignored the story. They were too busy
    covering their latest reason for impeaching the president to be bothered
    with it.

    Direct tallies of individuals who are conclusively
    found to have perished due to the coronavirus should be executed in a
    consistent and logical way. If the deceased individual tests positive
    for the virus and their death came about due to symptoms commonly
    associated with COVID-19, then they should count. If a person dies in
    their home and they are over the age of 75, and there is no indication
    they were exposed to the virus, they should not count. Sadly, in New
    York, they now do count.

    How many people have died as a direct result of the Chinese coronavirus? Sadly, that depends on who's doing the counting.

  6. let me guess 9 million people died of virus today and you need 10 trillion dollars to combat it…..what a loser

  7. I guess he better start wearing a mask since its his rule. Such brainwash Bullshit. Watch "out of the shadows" documentary .. Explains alot.

  8. Thus says The Lord: Did you think My wrath would tarry forever? Did you think My judgment sleeps? Are My eyes closed to all these atrocities committed upon the earth, day and night without ceasing?! Are My ears also stopped from hearing? Lo, I have seen and I have heard!… My face draws near to this earth, My eyes are filled with fire and fury! My forehead wrinkles and is set hard against you, O inhabitants of the earth, for it is time!
    It is time to shake the cities of men by measure, and to bring up wrath from beneath! City by city shall be punished, one here and another there! Behold, it shall come upon them suddenly, and men shall fear, and with great perplexity shall their hearts fail; a great trembling shall now come upon all people!… THE TERROR OF THE LORD IS AT HAND![1]
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    The glory of men must die!
    Declares The Lord of Hosts,
    The Only Creator, The God of Israel…YES, I AM HE, YAHUWAH!…Hurry now, those who hear!
    Hurry now, those who know Me!
    Hurry and kiss The Son![7]
    Hurry now and kiss Me upon My face,
    All you who know My name!…YAHUSHUA-YAHUWAH!


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