NEW Minecraft 1.13 CRAFTING RECiPES!


You can craft ANYTHING in vanilla minecraft with the Update Aquatic Minecraft 1.13.
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The new Minecraft 1.13 snapshot update contains a new minecraft crafting update. In the new minecraft update, you will be able to add in data packs that will allow you to add new crafting recipes for vanilla minecraft. The new snapshot also comes with new blocks and new items as well as new features that let you get them in custom ways. Not for Minecraft 1.12! This time we look at new crafting recipes for the update aquatic. Learn how to craft phantom and turtle armor. Even learn how to craft 3 totally new conduits!

✅ Minecraft 1.13 Crafting Recipes by Jragon014

✅ Download the Recipes here!!!

🎶 Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound
All music used with permission from its creator.


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  1. Hey everyone!! You can get all these crafting recipes for your world!! The datapack is in the description. Also sorry if there is some slight audio syncing issues. I hope you all enjoy the video and try out these new recipes for your own worlds!

  2. I'm sorry… But are we not gonna pay attention that not all OF THE RECIPE EVEN MAKE SENSE EVEN THE CORALS!!!!!! LOGDOTZIP!!!

  3. Add a totem of dying 1 totem of undying 4 ominous banners and 4 emeralds it is a reverse totem of undying if you die it will
    Kill you if you respawn

  4. Big cool recipe,

    What you want to need

    First the recipe
    Creeper zooka:

    You need

    1) 4 crossbow

    2) 4 creeper eggs

    3) 1 spectral arrow

  5. Just now watching this but I have been thinkingabout a recipiealmostexacly like that we need this. Erg why no spaces?

  6. To make spawn eggs you should just get an egg from a chicken and get the mob droppings from any mob then put them together then boom a spawn egg

  7. Pause at 8:04. Top 10 cursed Minecraft images. It is a little past 8:04 sry. There are upside down leggings? Also, 11:59. 2 iron swords=1 iron sword now.


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