EP199: Jetstar Business Class on a Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Food service, Qantas Lounge, where to sit, pricing, and my REAL thoughts on ‘Business Class’ as offered by Jetstar. We’re flying with Jetstar from Singapore Changi Airport (T1) to Melbourne Airport in Australia.

I’ve flown Jetstar Business Class twice now, this travel vlog looks at the product and I share my thoughts after the flight. I’m a pilot and frequent flyer, if you love aviation and travel stories be sure to SUBSCRIBE to the channel for regular videos.

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  1. Some great comments comparing Jetstar Business Class to Qantas Premium Economy. FYI for pricing (MEL-SIN rtn): JQ Biz is around AUD$1600 and QF Prem Economy can be between AUD$1500+ (sale price) to AUD$2900+ (PE Saver Fare) to AUD$3200+ (PE Flex Fare). So if you can get Qantas on a sale, it's comparable on price. Else, would you pay a bit more for Qantas Premium Economy compared to Jetstar Business Class?

  2. Tooth brush & face mask on the counter in the toilet! Straight to the mouth!! Are you serious..😳😳😳😳.. ill never watch a video of yours again..

  3. You said the product couldn't be compared to any other carriers in or out of Singapore, but it can be compared to scoot's business class.

  4. You hit the nail on the head, Stefan. To me, it's also all about the seat itself and associated aspects such as leg room, privacy, comfort, etc. Everything else is peripheral, or simply icing on the cake. Take care and keep up the good work!

  5. Qantas management just don’t understand what your saying.I was so annoyed one day with a seat in my lap one day I went for a walk Sig

  6. The low cost carriers in Europe that have the same seat are promoting this as Premium Economy(For example Norwegian has the same seat and Its called PE)

  7. Same comments can be applied to Virgin on their 73H aircraft Business class from Melbourne to Nadi; except that Virgin was more expensive and that for a 5+ hours only flight. Departure drinks were sparkling water or orange juice and the food choice was very limited. The seat was very unfonfortable and the crew, although pleasant, was short on numbers, meaning you hardly saw your Business class hostess when you wanted attention, because she was helping out at the back ! And to top it, you did not have access to a Buisiness class lounge at Nadi airport, being accessible for Fiji Airways passengers only.

  8. Jetstar have just announced flights to Seoul and managed to score a return business class flight from the Gold Coast to Seoul for a few dollars under $1000 which isn't too bad. Flew them to Tokyo years ago on the old A330 so know what to expect.

  9. Jetstar ‘business class’ is great bang for buck! It is as you mentioned more like premium economy but with an important difference – more generous luggage allowance! 30 kgs checked baggage plus x2 bags with 7 kgs carry on.

  10. I think the 787 makes a big difference in flying 7-8 legs etc. We flew 787 BNE-DPR (Bali) by day and it was a pleasure in economy. By night It might not be the same without that little bit of leg room and recline capacity.

  11. I flew from Melbourne to Honolulu economy very uncomfortable experience. Indefinitely don’t want to do that again on long haul flights. The IFE monitor almost touch my face when someone in front reclines their seat. Managed to get an upgrade to Business class from Honolulu to Melbourne.

  12. Why fly business? Just book economy exit row window, order Chicken pesto salad as meals, bring your own entertainment and you're set!!!

  13. Have been offered $200 upgrade to business. There are 2 seats left in row 1, so that's a bonus. Where is the IFE in row 1? We paid $199 return Brisbane to Bali so extra $200 pp makes it still very reasonable but I'm just not sure with so many mixed reviews. Thoughts? Also, is the tray table able to be moved forward, further away from you?

  14. Such a great analysis and price comparison between QF and JQ, Stefan. Really enjoying how knowledgeable you are and how professional you and your videos are (as always, excellent editing, audio footage and post production). Cute family too!

  15. I think the Jetstar Business class equivalent would probably be Scootbiz, as well as SQ and QF’s premium economy product. Do try them out as comparisons – I like SQ’s premium economy the most 👍🏽

  16. Great video mate. My family and I often fly LCCs like JQ and TT for domestic travel but mostly stick to full service ones for international. Contrary to many people's apparent beliefs after taking one flight with a LCC, I actually don't find them all that terrible at all. We've flown JQ and TT pretty much since they both commenced operations and have never had a major issue. Sure we've had a couple of delays at times or whatever but nothing awful or out of the realms of what we've had on full service carriers too. Crew are fine and always very friendly. I think it honestly just comes down to you get what you pay for. Get a cheap ticket, expect cheap quality.

  17. Doesn't matter if you're in economy or business class-if the flight is cancelled you're all stuck at the same airport.

  18. Hi Steph, great videos, just subbed!
    Just wondering, you fly with your daughter, do you get her status credits if she flys under your FF number?


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