My Current Haircut | Vintage Low UNDERCUT | 2018 Mens Hairstyles | Peaky Blinders Haircut


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Product used was Chaptr Styling Cream:

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Shout out to Jenny from 18/8 Salon in Palo Alto for the cut. It was amazing, check them out for an appointment. Ask for Jenny!
855 El Camino Real #3, Palo Alto, CA 94301
(650) 460-8290

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  1. Guys don't worry, like I said in the past I'm just moving in a direction where hair videos will not be a center part of this channel, more of a thing thats sprinkled in there from time to time. Fashion is where I wanted to move towards, and luckily hair is part of an outfit in my eyes so it will still be part of the channel just not the main part. Appreciate you guys for sticking around.

  2. This guy ended his own channel with no more hair vids. 440k subscribers with crazy low average views of about 8,000. Why why why?

  3. Lol I tried showing this haircut to a hair stylist and she said this haircut is not practical. She instead recommended a taper look instead which I don't really like because I have thick hair so fades are important.

  4. That only looks good with Anglo men, try this on a Latin American type of men, you'll get something like Mel gibson's apocalypto style

  5. Well done. At first, I thought she didn’t use a guideline for tapering was out of the ordinary, but that was perfect for this hairstyle. The side and top perfectly complimented it. Great work

  6. Why at my country to many type of low undercut….what im going to tell to cut like your hair…💆🏻‍♂️

  7. There has to be some sort of endorsement money you get from putting that horrible background music in the video. No one would ever just willingly say " oh hell yea this beat is the shit for this hair video" . 🤮🤢


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