My Country Will Be Underwater Soon — Unless We Work Together | Anote Tong | TED Talks


For the people of Kiribati, climate change isn’t something to be debated, denied or legislated against — it’s an everyday reality. The low-lying Pacific island nation may soon be underwater, thanks to rising sea levels. In a personal conversation with TED Curator Chris Anderson, Kiribati President Anote Tong discusses his country’s present climate catastrophe and its imperiled future. “In order to deal with climate change, there’s got to be sacrifice. There’s got to be commitment,” he says. “We’ve got to tell people that the world has changed.”

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  1. Ahahaha I can't belive my eyes I saw him here in New Zealand I don't belive my country will be go down it just a rumour I belive it develope it self creating a better future as long as the people of the local create it own building so the people can be happy

  2. What does my Kiribati President say is very true, and it is a very big scary issue to our people now. Kiribati country has a flat and very very low land, and it is possible to be easily disappeared by the very big sea waves or by the rising of the sea level. As the Kiribati sea level is rising up or happening now , and it's been started already to destroy the living land. From this disaster, it causes the Kiribati people to keep rebuilding their houses after they were broken or fell down by the big waves of sea water/rising of high sea level. Therefore the people in Kiribati keep moving away from one place to another, in order to get far away from the sea, or to find somewhere they feel saved from the big sea waves disaster. Some people made up their SEA WALLS, those who didn't want to leave their houses/places. However I have no doubt about those Kiribati people who still chose or live there, as I have known in compared to other islands or countries, and Kiribati is the very best and safe place to live on, except the worriness or their big fear about the sudden coming of THE BIG SEA WAVES COMPLICATIONS which is the only huge problem to them. However, once there is a solutions for saving the KIRIBATI PEOPLE and THEIR ISLAND from the BIG SEA WAVES or THE RISING OF SEA LEVEL COMPLICATIONS, and I assume that there will be nothing for them to be scared off or no more worries. From the top of the HEADS and the bottom of HEARTS , may I faithfully, politely and respectfully asking for HELP & SUPPORT from other BIG COUNTRIES, by RECREATION OUR KIRIBATI ISLAND, by something like these: providing a required TOOL RESOURCES & QUALIFIED WORKERS, & offering SUPPORT FUNDS, ETC, which I think these are the most important needs of HOW TO SAVE our KIRIBATI ISLAND, as well as our KIRIBATI NEW FUTURE GENERATION'S LIFE from the COMPLICATIONS OF THE BIG SEA WAVES or THE RISING OF SEA LEVEL, also called as a " CLIMATE CHANGE"
    Your help and support is highly needed, and our KIRIBATI PEOPLE are very appreciated for your loving and kindness. God is the only one who can pays back those who have done so good and nicely to his people like YOU too.

  3. Everybody talking about Fake and Real and stuff… just STOP that for a sec and listen to this guy while closing your eyes… Does he sounds like Morgan Freeman or Not. Like if you think so.

    Also if you like, then you support the fight against Climate Change.

  4. When I first watched this I thought everybody have the same feeling like me that we need to face with climate change seriously. But when I read the comments, I was surprise because so many people think this is lies and stupid. Can anyone explain why???

  5. i was born in tarawa and when i was adopted everyone in tarawa knew who me and my new parents were, the president used to invite us to go with them somewhere and he used to kiss me when i was a baby and now im really sad its sinking

  6. The earth lives and breaths, sea levels rise and fall( just look at all the civilization under water), earth quakes destroy, ice sheets melt and reform and the sun has a huge say in all of this probably more than anything else. For god sake continents are as you know moving as we speak. How are we responsible for climate change.

  7. What a committed president! I greatly appreciate his extraordinary effort in leading his country. When will be the day when countries all over the world join hands to deal with climate change globally?! It is a GLOBAL issue. Global citizens are suffering… I do hope the sacrifice this nation makes will be valued 😐

  8. cuanto será el dolor ,al pasar el tiempo esperando que yegue la solución .y la solución estaba dentro , pero al estar todo el día viendo fuera no sabiendo no siquiera quien mira .
    podría continuar pero ….

  9. All these comments saying climate change is a hoax… at this point I can no longer tell if they are serious or trolling.

  10. Governments & citizens remain unprepared.
    We in northern climes take our food supply for granted.
    We also dismiss the obvious costs of corporate pollution of the Environment eg increasing serious illness & early death of young people.

  11. I rarely listen to an interview more than 7 – 15 mins. But this is different. .my heart was listening the whole time.
    People now are blinded focusing on self-interest more and wasting time on temporary craziness, instead of being aware of the global dstruction killing us all slowly.
    We need to spread real education of lifE And humanity. Unite!!
    Thnx 4 this.

  12. Good that people are trying to adapt for survival instead of being ignorant, stubbornly arrogant, and full of fear and hopelessness.

  13. Deniers all live on large contenital land masses and to them it is simple, make less money and save persons who live on small islands, or continue to make money at the current rate and destroy entire cultures and people's. We all know what they prefer….. they believe certain types of people are expendable in the pursuit of profit.

  14. Global cooling! No, global warming! No, climate change, any change! Just pay your tax to a global fascist dictatorship and shut up.

  15. Haha, funny comments 😀 Don't read them. You will die from laughing while reading them. I already died several times. But I can give you a summary: "There is no climate crisis. It's just BS, made by goverment. HOAX!" 😀
    I'm pretty sure these are bots, trolls .. or idiots..
    The best is: It doesn't even matter 😀
    Best future-scenario (Even idiots can believe this): We will change from fossil energy to renewable/fission/fusion energy because we will run out from fossil energy. It's a question of "when" not "if". Why not faster and controlled? Crybaby: "Because change is expensive"-> Human: "Bullshit. Expensive now or later is the same! There is just the fact that if we're doing it the faster/controlled way via goverment, that we can prevent something 97% of scientists believe. It's called climate crisis, i think."

  16. Before it was an atoll, it was a volcano, as every one knows volcano collapse in its center at the end of their activity, and the edge showing as it looks now is called an atoll, an atoll could very well still collapse?… therefore it is not the water rising but the former volcano still sinking, water stays the same regardless of ice melting, only the earth crust change, tectonic plaques etc,

    Climate Change is a HoAX to get $$$$$$$$

    The climate is changing! It's getting colder!!
    Only higher taxes will help things warm up in 6 months.

    It's anti government anything as the governments can't hide the bullshit anymore. We will move on and this is about the carbon taxes to come from fake man made global warming.

    Global poverty march. Global enslavement march. Global march for Neo-Feudalism It is funny to watch these idiots cheer for their own demise. The indisputable fact that the richest families in the world came up with the global warming/climate change idea and used their foundations to push it on the public via media and the Universities they fund should be a big red flag for you fools. The whole agenda is out there, there is nothing hidden.. They want to use so called climate change to take what little freedoms you have left away from you. They want to tax you into poverty and those fools cheer it on.

  17. Many cities and in fact continents are now hundreds of feet underwater, and are there with the aid of humans. People as ignorant as Bangladesh Miami and New Orleans should never have been built 6 inches above sea level. All you Al Goreans need to look at the science, get off the cool aid and get with the program. With all the information out there at your fingertips, there is no need to be so ignorant.

  18. …"Unless we work together" …to build every building up on stilts and get dredges to pump sand onto the island and raise the whole island up to the new building Level. Then move to the next island or city.

    Because Global Warming is real and it's too late to stop the sea level from rising. Face facts.

  19. I worked in downtown LA in 1969 when it was believed that smog wasn't caused by car exhaust. But I saw after every 3 day weekend how clean the air was and how bad it got after one week of traffic.

  20. To all the uneducated comments.
    What does it matter whether we all agree if there is or is not climate change?
    We are intelligent enough to realise that we can create low carbon emissions through renewable sources. Not only will we reduce carbon output but creating a healthy environment will much fewer toxic chemicals that affect human health.
    We don't have to use all the fossil fuels before we go alternate.

  21. sealevel has risen 270 meters since the last ice age what is this nonsense. were still warming up from the last ice-age

  22. So, they get inundated by a typhoon and blame it on rising sea levels? What a poor argument. The world WILL cool over the next decade, there is no question about it. This reminds me of stories of ancient astronomers using their knowledge of solar and lunar eclipse to keep people under their influence. "Do as I say or I'll make the sun dark!" lol


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