Minecraft PE – How To Become Zombie In MCPE!?! [ 1.11/1.12 ]


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Information for this addons:

Hostile mobs will not longer attack you. They look upon you as a friend and together you shall spread your infectious disease all over the Minecraft universe.
Raid villages but be on the lookout for iron golems (and snow golems) as they are now hostile. However, your attack damage has been increased and this definitely gives you an advantage now compared to before.
If you kill a villager it will turn into a zombie villager. The zombie villager is still hostile. Hopefully that’s just a bug which will be resolved in the future
You will get demage if sunlight direct at you..

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  1. If you want to really be slow like a zombie use cheat commands to put a slowness effect on you such as this /effect @s slowness 100 100 true


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