Minecraft 1.14 – All New Villages & Villager Skins, Sweet Berry Bush, Barrels, Blast Furnace, Smoker


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Minecraft 1.14 the Village & Pillage update is almost here. All villages have now been overhauled with buildings and villager skins themed around the surrounding biome. The bells in villages can now be rung but they don’t yet have a purpose (this will change soon!). Mason has been added as a villager profession, all professions have a unique shop and skin, and villagers now display a badge based on their trading tier. The jungle and swamp biomes both have secret villager skins. Cured zombie villagers will now return the villager to it’s former self, maintain trades and trading tier. The barrel, blast furnace, smoker and grindstone all now have functionality and these blocks can be found within most villages. The blast furnace and smoker are twice as fast as the regular furnace. The Giant, a mob currently only available with the help of commands, now has A.I. and they pack a punch so keep your distance. Sweet Berries have now been added to most tiaga biomes and hurt when touched. Witches are now neutral unless provoked and you can now climb free hanging vines. Phew, that is a lot of changes! Enjoy!

This video was made in Minecraft Java 1.14 snapshot 18w50a. Features may change in the future.

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  1. 0:16​ Normal Villager​ In​ Desert Village​ Is​ Exist​ Right!?

  2. There’s actually an ocean skin, I created a custom village inside a big peninsula and they changed skin after awhile

  3. After playing the update, the villagers are literally the same as before. Nothing changed about them except the fact they slapped a skill bar and changed their skin.

    It was really cool at first but it’s all just aesthetic. The wandering trader has garbage trades making him completely useless.

    They were pretty lazy with the villagers, search up tango tek and you’ll see a true update under hard work.

    The only things I say they got right are raids and the new blocks but even then, raids have flawed game level design, especially the vexes.


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