Macbook Air 2020 review: the best Mac for most people


Apple’s 2020 MacBook Air comes with the new scissor-switch keyboard the company introduced in the 16-inch MacBook Pro, and the processors have been upgraded to Intel’s new 10th-generation parts. Apple’s also lowered the price by $100, with the new MacBook Air now starting at $999. Nilay Patel has the full review.

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  1. Thanks for the real world review! Regarding battery life, i think if you run safari instead of chome, you might get a few more hours. How about the i7 version? Any benefit to i7 vs i5 even with the thermothrottling?

  2. Blaming the laptop for the battery life is not a great idea. Chrome making macbook airs deplete in battery way faster than is normal and then showing off their chrome book line with better battery life (while using chrome for both) seems like an interesting place to be profit wise don’t you think. Use safari and if you ever need something that safari can’t do, use chrome briefly then quit it again. Or use the new edge which runs on chromium and in my experience gets better battery life than chrome ever can

  3. I’ll be joining for computer and software engineering soon. So I’m planning to buy a macbook. But i don’t know which one to go for. Macbook air or Macbook pro? Hope anyone could help me. Thanks

  4. Why put a headphone jack when most of the phones and other devices they make don’t use that headphone jack so if you have a iPhone and a MacBook Air u need different headphones 🤦🏾‍♂️ would rather had a regular usb

  5. 98 percent of people don’t video edit much if ever and if they do, it’s not their entire workflow. If that was the case, they wouldn’t by this machine. They would have a MacBook Pro. So great for covering this topic like all tech reviews but most people don’t have your workflow.

  6. Is it worth paying so much money for a laptop to use Chrome and Zoom? Come on, I can do that on my phone, this is ridiculous. You should try to review usage that can be only done on a laptop.

  7. The touchbar is missing simply because it would cost a lot more to produce the machine and therefore hike up the price. Touchbar would even require an ARM chip inside the machine to control it and adding to the cost.

  8. The battery issue is primarily due to heavy use of zoom. Apple would have obviously assumed people won’t be making such heavy use of it while rating their batteries.

  9. ok pro tip about the touch bar, when watching Hulu in the browser (safari i think) you can use it to scrub through and essentially skip the mid roll ads. but yea otherwise touch bar bad

  10. Mac mini late 2018 or new 1 base model or the base air? Want to power a screen but worried that laptops will always run hot while using a screen……

  11. Idk what to do is the iPad really ready to replace a laptop yet with the new keyboard or for now is a laptop Bette r

  12. Idk what to do in the summer I’m gonna upgrade I have a very old first gen iPad Air and early 2015 Mac book air idk what to do get the bigger iPad and the keyboard or get a Mac for around the same price like my old devices I don’t upgrade to much

  13. if they insist on 2 ports, I wish they woulda put 1 on each side. I really like the flexibility for connecting

  14. Please add more light moments like Becca’s direction etc. You guys are not only tech journalists, but also entertainers now, not that you haven’t been before.

  15. The Mac air 2020 is a fantastic upgrade. Although I got the pro need that wide gamut. But the Mac air screen fantastic.


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