listening to lofi on your own at a party


you’re on your own at the party, listening to lofi on a cassette
Sad & Calm Mix
🎧 Lofi/Chill Beats 🎧

More sad & chill mixes –

0:00 a new record ! – keeping eyes

2:03 Charlie Myles – thank you {mean the world}

4:06 saaaz – the way i feel about you

5:13 The Aether – Tiptoe

6:50 chrle – Pink Flowers

8:34 wugs – a place in the sun

9:59 omarr – sunny

12:19 e-clips – haven’t you?

14:43 The Aether – Love & Other Drugs

17:22 ~flynn – End of the Tunnel 

artwork by @bootleganime

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  1. this title shouldn't be accurate, sadly it is

    even tho I should add "listening to lofi on your own having an anxiety attack at a party"

  2. Do you ever feel like you've been through so much pain and emotional trauma that you mentally mature more than whats normal for your age and just because of that you no longer fight in with your age group anymore because your just more mature than everyone else.

  3. recently ive been watching neon genesis evangelion, and i can identify a lofi video in each frame of the anime '-'

  4. this isn't relatable at all rn cuz of quarantine yet it gives a whole different vibe while listening to it with you eyes closed alone in the bed like omg just try it you wont regret itt 🙂

    okaii ik that many are listening to it that way so don't come at mee plezz

  5. I was listening to my playlist when the songs were over and then my fist lofi music turned on. Haven't stopped listening since. Stay safe everyone.

  6. I hate this quarantine, and being dry. The days go by without any event, FaceTime only does so much, being dry just makes it worse.


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