JETSTAR JAPAN Flight Review: GK21 Tokyo Narita to Hong Kong (Economy class)


This is the first time I did voiceover this year. I hope you like it!

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WELCOME to my 21st flight review in 2017. On 11th October, I flew Jetstar Japan back to Hong Kong. The operating aircraft was an Airbus A320-200, from Tokyo Narita (NRT) to Hong Kong (HKG). Jetstar has three types of airfare for economy class, I paid extra for the second most expensive one for only HK$320 (US$40, AU$50, GBP30) one way, which includes 20kg baggage allowance, a meal and a drink, seat selection and Qantas or Emirates or Japan Airlines frequent flyer points (and status). Although this flight has nothing much to do with Oneworld, I still hope you enjoy 😀

What you’ll see in this clip:
– NRT airport overview
– Check-in
– Boarding
– Seat features
– Menu
– Take-off and landing clip
– My pre-ordered meal
– Lavatory

Some useful information:
Airline: Jetstar Japan (GK)
Flight number: GK21
Aircraft type: Airbus A320-200
Aircraft registration number: JA05JJ
Origin: Tokyo Narita Airport (NRT / RJAA)
Destination: Hong Kong International Airport (HKG / VHHH)
Flight date: 11-10-2017
Meal: Payable
Seat: 7F
Flight duration: 5 hours

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  1. Great video, Jayden!
    Just wanna ask. Do they did the safety demo in Japanese and English or only in Japanese?

    Cuz I was asking myself, isn't that breaking the FAA's rule to demonstrate the safety features only in Japanese without further help for foreign people?

  2. Good one Jayden! I prefer full services airlines, not going to be good if you have mobility issues up and down the stairs. Hmmm loud cabin crew, wonder if they're Japanese or Hong Kong based Jetstar staff, usually Japanese staff have good PR skills. Thanks for posting!

  3. 2:57 What you are seeing is condensation. See

  4. Just got back from Dubai. Plz check it the new one I got! I need your opinions plz mate!

    For Route between NRT and HKG, why not consider JAL or NH?

  5. 5:19 I hate it when channels have lock-in contracts with subscriptions.. especially when you have to pay to subscribe!

  6. Good Morning, as mentioned below, once they turn on the AC, there will be condensation because of the humid air outside. Nothing to worry about.

  7. The menu on Jetstar Japan is way better than Jetstar Pacific but the price is way more expensive than Jetstar Pacific. Btw, really nice video. I enjoyed alot

  8. Nice new voice over. Very informative!
    I am a big fan of Jetstar. For a budget airline they are pretty good.
    Shame about a shouting cabin crew. i would have had a word to the flight manager!

  9. Great video as usual Jayden. Definitely better with voice over mate. Forgive me if I'm wrong, but I think I hear a hint of an English accent as well as obviously an Aussie accent. As for the steam or whatever it is belching out above the baggage compartments, I have no idea what it is.


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