Jetstar Airways Food Review


Food review for Jetstar Airways Australia.
Jetstar is a budget airline in Australia. There are no complimentary meals on board but you can purchase meals during the flight.
Check out some of the meals available to purchase on board Jetstar Airways.
Airline food reviews.



  1. I fly with jetstar I’m a frequent flyer with qantas and I have eaten almost everything on the menu it pretty expensive for the quality though
    Edit:btw I love ur channel and content!!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks for the info. I'm flying jetstar to Phuket next month and I'm glad i didn't purchase any meals. For what you get, the price is a little steep. I think i'll take a subway footlong on board or just wait until I get there. Most days i can go without eating for 12 hours if i'm busy so a 9 hour flight should be fine, just drink plenty of water.

  3. Rip off prices and poor selection on International flights. Eat before you leave or take your own food onboard. Very disappointing Jetstar and far too expensive. On International flights you have to order and prepay for hot meals. Or you will have to rely on snacks on a long flight.


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