JETSTAR AIRWAYS Airline Review – Economy Perth-Sydney-Queenstown


Here is my independent review of Qantas’ low cost airline – Jetstar Australia – who transported me from Perth to Queenstown via Sydney. Find out exactly what they provide and my thoughts on the overall experience.
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  1. I’ve only just seen this video!
    I’m from Australia and I only ever fly with Jetstar. The only issue I have ever had was a lady at Melbourne Tullamarine airport who went absolutely ballistic at me because my bag was “unattended” when in actual fact it was right behind me and I had moved my other bag to put it on the belt to check in. Crazy lady 🤦🏽‍♀️
    I’ve only ever had one serious delay, which wasn’t Jetstar’s fault and they were relatively good about it.
    My flights have almost always landed early, even if they have taken off a little late.
    I actually really like Jetstar! 🙂

  2. I had the misfortune of flying with Jetstar from SYD – BNE in April 2018. NEVER AGAIN.
    If you want to be met by incompetence and people with attitude problems, being treated like something that the cat had dragged in whilst being made to stand in line and humiliated by the aggressive checking for size and weight (and labelling, can you believe) of your cabin luggage, then this is the airline you should choose.
    I understand that there are things one has to pay extra for when travelling with a budget airline but I had assumed, wrongly as it turned out, that courtesy and civility were somethings that the customer could expect as a given.

  3. I had an amazing experience on Jetstar this year when flying from Perth to Adelaide for a family emergency. Our flight was cancelled as an evacuation of the terminal meant that the plane wouldn't make it in before the curfew at Adelaide airport. The flight was rescheduled for the next morning. As our family situation was incredibly time sensitive we explained our situation to the staff and they promptly put us onto a flight to Adelaide (via Melbourne) leaving that evening coupled with several food vouches (and they also put us in the first row with ample leg room). Furthermore, the flight from Melbourne to Adelaide was cancelled, and seeing the time sensitivity of our issue, the Jetstar staff their immediately placed us onto a Qantas flight to Adelaide leaving that hour so that we made it in time (we had to be there by midday). Would recommend Jetstar to anyone.

  4. Stopped taking this Jetstar, i never thought this is Australian airline??? It's indian airline i guess- bad indian customer service, stinky indian crews, indians ground and flight crews with worst attitude in the world. Jetstar- pride of the Indians😂

  5. I am an Australian and i can tell everyone i have never had a good experience with Jetstar, it sounds silly but Tigerair is better (after the relaunch from tiger airways). I will only travel Tiger if i need to go budget otherwise it is Qantas or Virgin Australia.

  6. I have flown jetstar once. It was a red eye flight from Perth to cairns. Overall it was good 4 and 15 min flight slept the whole way there. It did cost me 250 Canadian. I will say it’s cheaper to flying in Australia then canada. Sadly it cheaper to fly out of canada then in canada.

  7. Hey welcome back too New Zealand huh and yea…Jet star too my knowledge I rated them 5..for a straight through Process and yea friendly services Umm ????  Emirates I flew from AKL to Brisbane I rated them 3..for services. There Seating was squash up and everything was pretty much in you're face loll algud… Other then that welcome home huh..and hope u enjoy you're stay again. Arohamai and a big Like from me…

  8. I have had good and bad experiences with jetstar. Good: got some $0 dollar flights flying domestic in New Zealand, and sometimes its cheaper. Bad: Very strict with boarding, no snacks or water cramped and dirty planes and sometimes its not that much cheaper than Air New Zealand!

  9. You are so great at these reviews – loving them!! as if there was trash in the seat! Ridiculous – I honestly think 4 hours is the max I can last on a Jetstar flight!! ha ha

  10. I've been watching this channel grow for over three years now and what a wonderful journey it has been! Wishing you the best and hope you have a great Easter weekend!

  11. I’m not a big fan of low-cost carriers you hear about all these horror stories in the news about delayed planes passenger stuck and maintenance issues with the planes… I say spend few hundred dollars not worry about these things!!

  12. So I had a so so experience with JetStar. On March 8th I flew from Honolulu to Sydney and then from Sydney (2 h 50 min layover in Syd) to Brisbane. I had bought a seat with extra leg room as it was the only seat with a good window view, but this also meant that I was sitting at an emergency exit door. Since I have flown quite a few times I knew that I would be instructed on what to do in the case of an emergency…. but to my surprise not one cabin member came over to even do a quick run through. I know it asks before you book and gives you a quick run down but i was just expecting a quick check. Also during this 9.5 hour flight… the cabin members only walked down the aisle twice once for "breakfast" and the second time for "lunch". This really shocked me as I have been on other flights for this amount of time and the cabin crew would walk up and down every 30 mins offering water and then of course a couple other times for snacks and such. When you even went and asked for some water it was like you were being the biggest pain because they were to busy chatting. My domestic flight from Syd to Bris was nice. I had picked the same emergency exit door and had gotten asked by three different crew members if I still felt comfortable sitting there and if I would be willing to help in an emergency. Since it was such a sort flight of course they only walked up and down once but they were super friendly and hilarious. i understand that it is a budget airline and such… but when you are flying for that long some better service would be nice!

  13. It works out cheaper to fly Qantas by the time you add up all the extras especially if they weighed your hand luggage and it's overweight.

  14. Thank you so much for this airline review. Really help us to decide what airline to choose. Hope you have a great Easter weekend.

  15. Any flight from Perth to the East coast or vice versa is going to be at an absolute minimum $150 aussie dollars with Jetstar and Tiger then minimum $250ish with Virgin and Qantas, certainly not a cheap route.
    Jetstar domestic is nothing special as you could see! The expectation for domestic Jetstar is pretty low but they are usually pretty good with being on time and it's cheap so you won't have many complaints from me!

  16. I know it didn't look the best airline, looks like easy jet! But are flights around oz cheap for example on average Perth to Sydney prices return

  17. Loved the Margaret river stuff and looking forward to Queenstown, so true about how airlines should board back first such a good point

  18. I like jetstar for the price . I have had my bag weighed before. Note I only done short flights from Adelaide to melb which is like an hour so having no tv doesn't bother me. Saying that when I went to Perth I was happy to fly virgin cause there are nice bonus like food and tv which is good with longer flights. Also when I flew solo to Sydney from Adelaide with jetstar I got put in emergency seats with more leg room for free so that was nice. Overall I prefer jetstar to tiger, but if qanta or virgin are about the same price then that's the way to go

  19. Ugh… the legroom on Jetstar's older planes are the worst! And also the booking process online was very hectic, they never sent a confirmation email and made me worrying about it til the day I flew. Made it something that I just need to avoid in my next visit to NZ.

  20. I'm from NZ and live in Australia and I can 100% say that I've never had a good experience with them, and that's going back and forth every six months or so. We always try to fly with Emirates or Qantas as they've generally been more friendly and comfortable airlines.

  21. Hi, I am from NZ. Flights to and out of Queenstown is very expensive. I have had the worse luck with JetStar with running late and cancelling flights etc 🙁


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