Jetstar A320 Flight Review – Sydney (SYD) to Sunshine Coast Airport (MCY) – JQ786


Jetstar A320 Flight Report – Sydney to Sunshine Coast Airport!

Join me on board my flight with Jetstar from Sydney (SYD) to the Sunshine Coast Airport (previously known as Maroochydore MCY). Jetstar are a low cost carrier (LCC) owned by Qantas and over-all I find them reasonably fine. I haven’t had any flights cancelled and they’ve all mostly arrived and departed on time.

I do have three tips, though:
1) Check-in online and carry carry-on only. The check-in and bag drop queues are easily the worst of any airline in Australia. Luggage also costs a fair bit (it’s not included with your ticket) so it’s best to only carry what you need.
2) I always buy the ‘Starter Plus’ bundle as this allows you to change your flight without being charged (I’ve done this several times, this flight included), gives you a few Qantas points, $5 food voucher (the cost of a muffin and hot drink) and lets you choose your seat.
3) Because JQ are owned by Qantas, you’re allowed to access Qantas lounges if you hold a Qantas Club membership or Qantas Gold/Platinum status. This is particularly handy if you’re Qantas platinum and are flying out of Melbourne or Sydney’s international terminal as you’re given access to the First class lounge! Just be aware that at airports like Sydney, while you are allowed into the domestic Qantas lounges, it is a separate terminal from where Jetstar aircraft depart.

Airline: Jetstar Airways
Aircraft: Jetstar A320-200. VH-XSJ. Built in Jan 2013. – More information:
Flight: JQ 786, SYD-MCY
Flight distance: 838kms
Flight time: 1hr and 7min
Camera: Sony A6000
Seat: 26A
Music: Capo Productions “Take off”

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  1. Dont like Jetstar. Flew once Melbourne to Singapore. Pre purchased food before i left. Food was crap. They should give free food . The cost to the airline is very minimal

  2. Strange you have to board from the rear using the stairs.I like to use aero bridges. Only a A320 thought they would board from the front

  3. Nice video! This reminds me back in 2014 when I first time fly Jetstar. It was an amazing experience, the F.As are super nice.

  4. Great video! Loved it! Also what music did you use at the start! And if you can't buy it if iTunes how do you download it? Thanks

  5. What does flight report mean? I've been wondering for ages. And one more question. Are you Australian? Because you do most flights in Australia

  6. Flying Jetstar flight JQ57 Brisbane to Bali on September 19th. Look forward to it and Jetstar is ok for short haul and long haul flights in my opinion

  7. I flew Jetstar once (made sure I didn't make that mistake again!). Admittedly this is the only budget airline I've flown-could not believe how uncomfortable the seats are!.

  8. I love watching your flight reports, they really are satisfying, hope you get do a JetStar flight from Sydney to Darwin. G'day mate.

  9. I love planes a lot, and it is so fun to watch your videos, plus I subscribed and out of 10 your videos would be …….11/10


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