Jetstar A320 Economy – my verdict


It’s holiday time and any flight when you’re going on holiday is a good one. But what if that flight is on a Jetstar A320? Find out here as I get Jetstar the full flight review treatment.

This Jetstar economy class flight review was covers boarding, the cabin, seating, take off, the Jetstar inflight service and our landing in Sydney.

Route: Adelaide (ADL) to Sydney (SYD)
Length: 724 miles, 1:34 hrs
Flight: JQ673
When: Dec 2018
Aircraft: Airbus A320-232 registration VH-VGZ (May 2009)
Seat: 28F
Camera: Panasonic HC-VX1

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  1. Shame you didn't review the check-in and boarding staff and how they treat their customers. I appreciate that there are some that don't object to being treated like something the cat brought in just to save some dollars, but unlike yourself who steered an even course, I have yet to find anyone that can give Jetstar a good name.

  2. Dennis, how about doing an update on Jetstar's domestic product to see if they're maintaining service levels for the better, or worse. I believe this is an area that carriers struggle with continuously.

  3. Jetstar business class is a scam!!! PEOPLE should be warned. They don't tell you, there is no refund when the service is not delivered. We spent almost 1600 AUD for a business upgrade, on our way back to Melbourne from Vietnam due to health reasons, the flight was cancelled. We were promised business class seats on the replacement flight the next day, however, we were being forced on to economy on that flight when there are empty seats in Business. I demanded a full refund as they did not deliver the service we paid for. Guess what, they offer a 500 dollar gift card refund and some travel vouchers (with time limits). WHAT A JOKE. no wonder people call this company shitstar….

  4. PLEASE, I beg you, no more with the "tarmac" shit. Or "black boxes", or "circling the airport". This shit is journo bollocks. It's ramp/apron. The other are CVR/FDR and as for circling, doesn't happen. Aircraft fly holding patterns away from the airport because that would be stupid.

  5. Policy is you can film on the Tarmac its not against the law nor its the law its just one lady been over powering. Everyone been film every day I rather be filming if something happens its one camera than the lady saying you did this or that to protect her job ? Most of the staff on the ground crew always filming its just a power trip by security not the Australian Federal Police as they wouldn't care if your filming… As a aircraft spotter my self many times they say hi etc they rather you or  be filming  if we get something on video they then can use it…


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