Jetstar A320 3K555 Singapore to Ho Chi Minh city


Follow Us on another “Jim flies solo” episode. In this vlog, he shares with you his inflight experience with Jetstar Asia, a low cost carrier with a base in Singapore. He opted for a spacious seat and his in-flight meal came complete with a cute little tub of icy creamy delight! Hit that play button and find out how his experience with Jetstar to Ho Chi Minh was!

PS: Have you every travelled on Jetstar Asia before? How was the experience for you if you have done so? Please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section below and we could exchange pointers with our fellow travelers!



  1. Hey Jim, wanted to ask, I've seen that you frequent lounges a lot during your trips around different parts of the world – are you on PriorityPass, or DragonPass etc., or any other memberships? Or do you actually pay per visit? Am currently on DragonPass and was wondering what others out there are using.

  2. Hi Jim . and Shaun hope you both fit n well. nice vlog. hope it was a good flight with jetstar they have a bad reputation like tiger always canceling and the jetstar international are shockers for leaving hundreds stranded . (ps i am back with Xu 🙂 )

  3. Hi Jim,Vietnam is one country that facinates me and is definately on the "to do" list.The food from Vietnam is my all time favourite.Please try when in the south of the country Bun Bo Xo Im sure you will enjoy it.
    I did'nt think much of Jetstar as it's all economy and I only ever fly in business but having said that for the budget traveler it would be fine and the flight from Singapore isnt too long.
    Enjoy Vietnam and please show us more of this facinating country.

  4. Hey Jim great video. I first flew Jetstar Asia (3K) SIN to BKK in seat 1F. Back then it was just ok but now they have greatly improved their seats and food offerings. We are flying 3K from SIN to REP in June (1F again 😉 and looking forward to it. Cheers


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