Jetstar 787 Business Class on the Cheap


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Business class on a low-cost carrier! How does it compare? Is it worth it? Watch this review to find out.

Jetstar is the low-cost subsidiary of Qantas. They operate both the Airbus A320 and the Boeing 787 – my advice is avoid the A320 at all costs. However the 787 is another story – especially in business class.

This Jetstar Business Class flight review covers my flight back from Bali to Melbourne. It includes the business class lounge at Denpasar Airport, boarding, take-off, the Jetstar business class seat and inflight service.

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Route: Bali, Indonesia (DPS) to Melbourne, Australia (MEL)
Length: 2,726 miles, 4:50 hrs
Flight: JQ44
When: Sept 2018
Aircraft: Boeing 787-8 registration VH-VKF ( June 2014)
Seat: 3A
Camera: Sony FDR-AXP53

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  1. Thank you so much for this review. I did laugh hysterically at the "Bintang Express" comment!! I have definitely done that flight, especially when flying solo, however, I will be taking my daughter's back again soon, to Bali, and have been looking at better options, and this looks very suitable for a 6 hour flight. Thank you once again.

  2. Sorry dont think much to this a a bussiness clasd it an out of date product lo cost or not this poor no WAY i fly with the lost me here sorry

  3. I am very surprised to watch this video. We flew jetstar Melbourne to Denpasar a couple of years ago. No preflight drinks, only quick meal service after which the crew disappeared. We dropped jetstar from our consideration after that flight.

  4. There is a pretty good, solid reason why there is a web site called Don't Fly JetStar. To my knowledge, no other airline in Oz has an ACCC award judgement for false and misleading statements. $1.95M if I remember correctly.
    Love your videos, but for myself, I will never set foot on another Jetstar plane.

  5. Jetstar business class is a scam!!! PEOPLE should be warned. They don't tell you, there is no refund when the service is not delivered. We spent almost 1600 AUD for a business upgrade, on our way back to Melbourne from Vietnam due to health reasons, the flight was cancelled. We were promised business class seats on the replacement flight the next day, however, we were being forced on to economy on that flight when there are empty seats in Business. I demanded a full refund as they did not deliver the service we paid for. Guess what, they offer a 500 dollar gift card refund and some travel vouchers (with time limits). WHAT A JOKE. no wonder people call this company shitstar….

  6. After they cheers there's a thai 747 at the airport they took the 747 out off air haw lold is this video reason i noticed i love the old 747 so many memories as a child would love to fly with a 747 again this video is very old

  7. I really miss the old Jetstar Star Class from Syd-HNL…it was a great product and was at a great price point.
    But, alas, all good things must come to an end…

  8. This is the third or fourth video of yours I,ve watched. From the other comments I asssume thats your wife? You should introduce her when she is with you. Just sayin. P.S. love the vids!

  9. screw jetstar,take the camera away and get the real jetstar experience.shit airline.wouldnt book a dog onto it.AVOID

  10. Having an unclean food tray and filthy power points is unhygienic and unacceptable DennisBunnik Travels.
    I noticed you were given a hand towel like Garuda and Singapore Airlines. When we're on a flight that provides a hand towel, we wipe our faces and hands then use it to wipe the information/entertainment remote, screen and the food tray as an added level of cleanliness for surfaces we will have contact with or eat food from during a flight.

  11. I really enjoy your flight videos. They are professional and down to earth. I am surprised that you don’t have more people subscribed to your channel. Keep up the great work. 😀😀😀✈️✈️✈️

  12. A great video. I have joined your channel. I would really appreciate it if you could subscribe to my channel. Many thanks chris 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊

  13. "I thought the crew were excellent." There's only 1 crew so shouldn't it grammatically be "I thought the crew WAS excellent"??? (or because there's more than 1 person in a crew, presumably, you'd go with the "plural" of was which is "were".

    As an example, there's only 1 dog so I would say "I thought the dog "was" excellent, not "were" excellent.

    I find it funny when UK/AUS/NZ people talk like this.


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