iPad Air vs iPad Mini 2 (Retina)


iPad Air vs iPad Mini with Retina. A comparison of the Apple iPad Air vs Apple iPad Mini 2 tablets looking at specs including Dimensions, Weight, Screen size, Resolution, Processor, Memory, Camera, MIMO WiFi, Battery and Price.

The iPad Air features 9.7 inch Retina display, weighs 469 grams and is just 7.5mm think making it the lightest full size tablet in the world!

The iPad Mini 2 with Retina display features 7.9 inch display, weighs 331 grams and is just 7.5mm think to compete with Google’s Nexus 7 and Amazon’s Kindle Fire.

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  1. Good device delivered as I expected☀️☀️>justU.faith/iMini2?sすs   and as I write this review I have had this device for a while now, no problems.

  2. iPad Air not iPad eh, you have a vocal idiotylosys. Problem in a voice and that is located near adams apple which is a bit swollen, though.

  3. a ctually when i saw the mini i have more great experience and when i look at the air it felt too big for gaming

  4. I would preefer the ipad air because its good for gaming and videos and thats all whats tablets about and you still could move with the ipad air and the mini still but on ebay both are the same price

  5. Watching this on my iPad mini 2 it's actually pretty Gewd unless you reallllllllllyyyyyy need that extra 1.4 GHz while the mini is clocked at 1.3

  6. I would go for the iPad air because it's probably the case you're getting one for birthday or Christmas so you may as well get the better one seen as it's a occasion

  7. I'm not sure which one to get, because both sizes would be nice, but I am coming from using an iPod a lot, any recommendations, because I feel the iPod is to small

  8. Thanks @SuperSaf TV, I have made up my mind on which iPad I want for Christmas now (I know it's early xD) if you want to know guess anyone and I'll tell you whether you're right!

  9. No differences between both except size,the 2 devices are nice and fast,but i prefer ipad mini 2 because its not too big and not too small and u can tavel it take it with u for anywhere

  10. Both are good only things to think about how will u use it. Think about the size, mobility, and picture quality. That's it.

  11. I want the I pad air and I only have enough money for the I pad mini 2 which it sounds like its the same thing just smaller which would not bug me. I would prefer the bigger screen but I cant afford the extra 100 dollars yet. if I wait another month or so I would have enough money but I really cant wait to get it. WHAT SHOULD I DO!!

  12. You are wrong about the processor. The iPad mini with retina has 1.3 ghz and the iPad air has 1.4 ghz. You should pay more attention to the specs…

  13. You actually didn't tell any meaningful difference between two devices? Why is this that fuck there is a new version when Mini has all it same as Air.

  14. Two things that SUCKS about IPads are their very less MP camera (WTF is this 5 MP? Even the IPhone6 is with min of 8 MP camera. Samsung and other devices in phone are 16 MP camera and front side is 8 MP). While Ipads are not even 8 in eye sight. WTF. The Front side camera for phones came 4 years back with 1.2 MP. Where is Apple guys now? Fucking. 


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