INSTANTLY Increase Your Winrate with These 5 Settings – Pro Tips for PERFECT Hotkeys | Dota 2 Guide


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In this Dota 2 guide, coach Speeed covers 5 simple tweaks you can make to your interface options, gameplay settings and hotkeys to INSTANTLY boost your winrate in ranked! Use these pro tips and tricks to keybind like the pros and gain an unfair advantage over your enemies!

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  1. Is there way if i want to attack move click and attack the target nearest to the cursor, to just press that one button without having to pres left click, like its in league ?

  2. I use quickcast on items, but not every slot. Like you have 6 slots and all of them is an alt+ letter lets say. Well if u go to settings, advanced or more options in hotkeys, try to find enable quick cast on items. Quickcast saves you to click.things right? But enable quickcast on items basically doesnt destroy ur usual hotkeys for items. Example, in my top left item, its an alt + q, where i usually put tango. But it has also another option of quickcast which is just spacebar. So I can use tango to click trees or just space without clicking. I alwsys put it so when I have a dagger, I can play it faster and also whrn I have quelling for micro

  3. Originally I disliked quick cast but when I saw you could choose which abilities you want to quick cast, it makes heroes with a ton of abilities that are targeted area specific abilities it's better. But for single target I still def prefer to have it off since I can avoid stupid misclicks that would simply never happen. I can't even remember if I've misclicked in dota a single time since I came from League first but I can bet if I turned on quickcast it could happen.

  4. Im using camera grip . Uguys too? Cant see someone here using camera grip and it makes me feel so unique hahaha

  5. Quick question can someone explain to me how players hold their right click attacks while last hitting. what is the settings for that kind of lagging animation that would save my save time from waking around till the last second?

  6. The day that I decided I need to start using quickcast was when I tried to Laguna Blade a Juggernaut and accidentally clicked on him a split second too early, selecting his hero instead. Then I had to process what happened, reselect my hero, and click Laguna Blade on him again… just in time for the damage to get nullified by Spin after the 0.25 second delay. Then my teammate flamed me for trying to KS instead of securing the kill.

    Also, I use camera drag and I have it bound to spacebar. It feels very natural to me even though I've never really used anything similar before. Edgepan takes too long and it's too imprecise.

  7. quick-cast should be removed from Dota. If heroes like Meepo and Tinker require quickcast to play.. then maybe they need a rework.
    Donno, i see quick cast as a form of legit cheating from a moral point of view.

    It makes Tinkers cast Dagon, Sheepstick Laser and all that jazz instantly.

  8. Me after 10 years of dota i wanna switch to qwer so bad but I'm only 5k. I started playing qwer on chen and heavy micro heroes but other than that legacy still rules my heart.

  9. Ok nice dk bongos(whatever it is) i use left for spell and right for movement .the dk bongos will be the future of dota. Sounds interesting.
    @speeed_Dota Peace.

  10. I don't recommend turning on rightclick force attack.
    If u hsve that on anf right click on your own wsrds(especially you're in mid, or right clicked on undeniable ally units) , you're forcing yourself to attack those things and u stood there instead of moving to the target place.

  11. I don't get why, I was laughing so hard with the retardation of the bongos usage and the in game "prove" in the OG vs EG match.
    Anyway, good video Speee.d

  12. i feel so comfortable with WASD and quickcast, my brain just wont let me control camera with my mouse, and having played a couple months without quickcast and then turning it on i noticed a huge difference. My opinion is there is no "THIS IS THE BEST SETTING", everyone's brains work differently, you cant force yourself to play how a particular pro does and expect to instantly be awesome.

  13. I use q,w,e,r as my skill hotkeys. A and S are my attack and stop key respectively. The D is my hotkey to buy TP. Then what's the alternative option for my camera movement using my keyboard?

  14. One thing to note about turning on Right Click to Force Attack is that when you're trying to escape as a ranged hero, if you accidentally right click an ally while running, your hero will stop as it will forcibly try to attack that unit even if it's not in deny threshold.


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