How to DOWNLOAD and PLAY Crafting Dead (Minecraft Mod)

A lot of you guys are having trouble with trying to download, install and play the Crafting Dead. So I made a simple, easy to follow guide on how you can get the game!

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44 thoughts on “How to DOWNLOAD and PLAY Crafting Dead (Minecraft Mod)

  1. Hello is it compatible with macbook air because i am having some trouble because it keeps sending me this message each time i try to load it it says "You've selected Java 14.0.1 which is known to have issues with minecraft.Are you sure you want to continue?" Can you or someone else let me know if it is compatible with macbook air?

  2. When I click play it loads for a sec and closes my tab and then reopens it like it's about to play any help?

  3. i looked it up in the technic pack and i dont see the official crafting dead mod it says theirs none? you think you can help me please

  4. Do i need to have the actual Minecraft or can i use this for a cracked minecraft because i got my minecraft from tlauncher for free

  5. Is there a way to play with out computer? Like, play on your phone? Or does it specifically have to be on computer?

  6. hey anyone that uses t launcher how come when you dont have a mod pack selected you can see the crafting dead but when you press install it will tell you to create a mod pack but when you do it disappears and you can download it

  7. U probably won't see this but I'm wondering how to get the crafting Dead with bases that spawn in the single player mod IV been trying to get that for the last 2 hours pleas help me😭😭😭😭❤️

  8. It wont let me go on a multiplayer server!? pleaseee helppp. It Just says "failed login"… Am I missing something????

  9. thank you was wondering why ruins weren't loading in single player lol now i know why i was using default world gen thanks again

  10. Can you do it in Torio on how much to fix your Minecraft because whenever I try playing the crack and then it all mode and it won’t likely it won’t start of the servers or anything I won’t even like let me go to the entry screen

  11. Is this a scam? I just bought minecraft yesterday to play this but i don t know if you ve did a fake site just for thiefing accounts…

  12. Dude, I only need the Full Version of Minecraft, I have it, AND I NEED A MINECRAFT LICENSE TO LOGIN into TECHNIC? FUCK THIS SHIT

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