How Good Are Your Listening Comprehension Skills?


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If you’re not good at understanding English, this video is for you because we will help you improving your English listening comprehension skills!

You’ve decided to start learning English, you should know that good listening comprehension skills are important to understand English. In this video you’ll learn some of the most important learning strategies to ease your studies. If you want to start learning English, this video is made for you. Our host expresses herself in simple English, with subtitles. This video will challenge your listening comprehension skills and help you progress in your English study.

This is the fastest, easiest way to pick up basic English!

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  1. Mistakes :
    Absolute Beginner : 0
    Beginner : 3
    Intermediate : 0
    Advanced : 2 or 3
    I'm Going to laugh at this because my beginner's mistakes are the highest rather than the others and my Advanced mistakes are 2 or 3. I would say that because i was doubt with the last listening problem whether i chose the green one or the blue one. But mostly i was sure with the green one
    Nationality : 🇲🇨

  2. i think the answer of the printer it was wrong becouse at the end of the conversation he say "how about next to the window" please answer me if im wrong

  3. This was an excellent video!

    These were my results:
    1st image – Good
    Go swimming – Wrong
    1st Clock – Wrong
    Hamburger – good
    Cars book – good

    3rd Card – good
    C – good
    Milk and Bread – good
    1 printer – Wrong
    First and long necklace – good

    3rd dress – Good
    Newspaper seller – Good
    2nd haircut – Good
    4th room, non smoking and sea view room – Good
    3rd room – Good

    3rd, projector, markers and copies – Wrong
    Seat 1 – Good
    1st calendar – Good
    3rd membership, pool, gym (18:00 – 23:00) – Wrong
    4th chart – Wrong

  4. Hold my beer y'all I'm bilingual cuz I speak Kazakh and Russian fluently, English is my third language I think I speak well and apart from it I know some German

  5. 4 Levels of Difficulty

    Absolute Beginner 0:29

    Beginner 2:37

    Intermediate 6:11

    Advanced 10:34

    Answers 16:20

  6. My mistake
    Absolute beginner : 1
    Beginner : 1
    Intermediate : 0
    Advance : 2
    😅😅 i'm bad at English actually
    So, what level I am? I think still in the middle of beginner and intermediate or more worse than that 😂(?)

  7. I'm a lil disappointed cuz I have studied English for 7 years in an institute, I can read and understand, I'm not confident of my self at all when I have to speak, and I can't understand very good when an English speaking person speaks fast. It's annoying. I could understand all the video, tho 😳.

  8. Is it just me or do you speak good English but couldn’t answer the question because u can’t read a clock 😂

  9. I am Filipino
    I'm shocked as I see myself that I perfect every question this video has! Apparently, I can't really speak English in real life but I can understand English perfectly even how fast the speaker is, so I am not fluent in English but I perfect it all 👌

  10. Hi iam polish and im all the time this video i am in stress because i scared i will not understand. But i am.


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