Hanoi Vietnam nightlife 2019 – walking around The Old Quarter


Walking around The Old Quarter of Hanoi on weekend nights, to experiencing a different tradition can be hard to adapt, but very interesting as well.

The busy roads are blocked at night. No cars or any other type of transportation is allowed during night. The locals and tourists are free to roam the streets of the weekend night. The only noise you would hear is that of the crowded streets with people and music.

This walking street opens from 7p.m on Friday, Saturday and Sunday night.

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  1. Hanoi is one of those cities where you always come back to 🙂 beautiful charming and great for budget.

  2. What i like more is the fact that the place isn't completeley overflown with tourists compared for example with bkk or manila "red light" districts.. you can see so many random vietnamese couples or even family that walk around

  3. Đáng ra nên quy hoạch mấy khu phố cổ chỉ là để đi bộ 24/7 và lát lại nền gạch vỉa hè toàn khu trong này. Chỉ cho phép hộ dân có nhà trong này mới đc phép đi xe máy ra vào

  4. Wow. Amazing video. Such community and camaraderie amongst the locals. What are all the street names??? I want to make sure I visit these places.

  5. Chaotic, noisy and crazy city. Everything looks like a mess.I wonder how the North Vietnamese people do urban planning Hanoi. In Vietnam, people have to wear helmet on motorbike and they are not allowed to drive on walking street but they still do that. I think the national law is useless

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  7. if you plan to do more of these, may be better to set to manual focus… good job still… love to see more… thanks


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