Half-Life: Alyx VR Combat Feels Real! (pt.4)


#VR #HalfLifeAlyx #Alyx
Episode 4 “Hide and Seek”
Eli has discovered a Combine Superweapon hidden in a vault at the center of City 17. Alyx must move through the abandoned subway systems to reach the vault. This weapon could change everything in the fight against the Combine…

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VR – Valve Index & Touch Controllers
Case – NZXT H500 (Black – Red)
Cooling – NZXT Kraken M22
Motherboard – MSI X470 GAMING PLUS
CPU – AMD Ryzen 7 2700X 8-Core 3.7GHz
Power Supply- Seasonic Focus Plus 750W Gold
RAM – G.SKILL TridentZ RGB 16GB (2 x 8GB) 3200MHz
SSD – Samsung 860 EVO 1TB x3



  1. do you do a live twitch stream before the video is out? it is edited pretty nicely either way! i watched your playthrough of the Walking Dead. Good stuff!!

  2. around 11:55 when you one arm slammed that create! ha!! nice!…you cant stock those grenades? u have to use em?

  3. Stack some nades along the way. Anyway, damn, this game is so lit! I love how you play it, not like other youtubers just playing around.

  4. I was the guy who constantly said on your node videos that nobody is interested in watching the other dudes play, keep the good work bro

  5. The northern star thing of the vortigon is also a nice reference to escaping slaves, who would follow the northern star to freedom, just as the vortigons are slaves themselves to the combine

  6. 5:00 No need to fear them. You can use your hands to pin down and pickup headcrabs or use items to block, strike, or trap them.

  7. Subscribed just because you are the first VR player I watch that doesn't seem mentally challenged in combat. Congrats, well played.

  8. hey i dont kkow if ur going to read this but ive played vr for a long time and i was wondering is spending 60$ for this game

  9. FINALLY someone who holds the gun with both hands. When you also shoot in real life, seeing vr titles with one hand handling makes you really annoyed

  10. I am watching others play this too and it really makes a difference who you are watching, like @Cerberusarms moves through the play space so differently than others. I really appreciate his use of continuous movement as a viewer, others like using the teleport movement and its no where near as fun to watch. Cerberusarms is a bit of an John Woo action star where others I watch, its like watching a action-comedy, if that makes any sense.


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