GEN vs T1 ALL GAMES Highlights Final LCK Spring Playoffs 2020 Gen G vs T1 by Onivia


GEN vs T1 ALL GAMES Highlights Final LCK Spring Playoffs 2020 Gen G vs T1 by Onivia
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Thank you for watching our highlights. We are working hard to get them to you within 10 minutes after the games have ended. Last season we started to upload Full day highlights and all game highlights that contain highlights of every game played on the given day. We saw that you liked them, so we will keep them. For 2020 we will be uploading LCS highlights, LEC highlights, LCK highlights, and LPL highlights. In addition, we will upload VCS highlights for the spring season to see how you like those.
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  1. When Im watching this game on stream many typed that why is teddy used barrier so early. The answer is because of the Nimbus Cloak. It is a rune that when you used it it will give some bonus movements speed. I think.

  2. How can Life be a pro player? How does he manage to find a team if he is even worse than Sword? WHY HE HAS BEEN PLAYING FOR GEN G 2 YEARS AND STILL THEY DON'T KICK HIM.

  3. BDD farms 11.5cspm twitch chat:zzz
    Faker 11cspm twitch chat: faker god omg faker cs
    Bdd was ahead in cs first and the third game and in the third he was on fucking zilean. You cant do much when ur whole team is feeding and especially when ur jung is inting

  4. I rememeber when Skt Clid was asked on who's the better jungler between him and Tarzan. He said that the jungler's performance depends on his laner's performance as well. I think that is why he looked like he played really bad this finals.

  5. Faker bought the item and got out of his base then sold it to buy another one in game 1 to deny his own shut down point 😂 what a move btw

  6. We get all these super dominant teams 3-0 each finals and we don't even get an MSI because of this fucking virusssssssssssss


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