Flight Review Jetstar Asia A320 Ho Chi Minh City to Singapore


Flight review for Jetstar Asia flight 3K558 (code share Qantas flight QF4247) from Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam to Singapore.
Aircraft Airbus A320.
Flight time 2 hours 5 minutes
Economy class – all seats on this flight are Economy Class.

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  1. Nice flight review! I also had a bad experience on a Tigerair flight 2 years ago because the window is badly scratched. Luckily it was just a short 1 hour flight. By the way, what's the seat number on this flight?

  2. wait wow the food menu is same as the one i took a flight in jetstar going to ho chi minh city i ate the maggie noodle on the menu there

  3. my sister,mom has taken me to ho chi minh city the whole year only long holidays i only take one airline and is jetstar the entire year now i can finally go to hong king in a different airline called singapore airline :DDDD

  4. i have been in jetstar from singapore to bali we purchased a hot dog online and they gave us some hotpockets XD it was a very ccomfortble flight with almost no turbulence but they gave us the wrong food! and very nice video 😀

  5. This plane dose need some SERIOUS MAINTANCE WORK!!! The windows were scratched as well as one of the flaps connecters were moving when I the full down degrees!!! They can actually fall OFF the PLANE!!!


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