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  1. there is a oppertunity to bring 7 towers to 5 stars. You need to have Aki and her sister so you can exchange these stars they generate. You wait till they are on 5 stars and while aki builds up stars you bring your sr and ssr towers to 4 stars. thats how i play most of the time if not all the time.

  2. You haven't reached the endless level dude! You died before that! The endless level starts after 160s timer and then it spawns really tough enemies and the opponents begin to die as they reach the 30 monster count and then who dies last technically "wins" but you still don't get to pick your cards and do some strategy after you win that way, cause probably this mode is still in progress.

  3. You can actually just upgrade the tower immediately after buying the items. You don't have to give the towers the item to upgrade them.

  4. So triggered because you left a tower at 3 stars level, you even bought the drugs for her too

  5. A little bit of StS talk here about the new character which is mildly relevant. Edit: It became a short story, my bad.

    I think the major thing they need to do is speed up the animations of lightning orbs a little bit, because when you have 8 orbs and all of them are lightning because you have 4 instances of storm with creative AI it takes ages to get a single turn done. I also think they need to buff some of the standard block cards a touch, Buffer is a solid reflex card for mitigating damage, but currently the way that the Defect survives is reversing damage instead of avoiding it through Undo (reset HP to the value of the last turn) and Self Repair (Heal 7/10 HP at the end of combat). Special shout-out to Force Field though, being one of the best blocks in the game assuming you're using powers, which is one of the character's major gimmicks, so you should be.

    It means that a lot of the time your damage mitigation or healing ends up being power cards or exhaust cards so in long fights or early in the game when you don't have those cards you can get whittled down really badly, meaning instead of upgrading cards you have to heal at most rest sites, which makes you weaker and therefore more reliant on healing at rest sites.

    That being said the Defect has a lot of absolutely overpowered cards for offense, Blaster with Storm and capacitors lets you gain basically infinite energy if you have a couple copies of Conserve Battery, or you can completely opt out of having energy costs if you feel like it. A couple copies of Claw+ and Rebound is one of the most ridiculous damage ramps on any character. Buffer paired with Static Discharge basically means that anyone that tries to hit you has a really, really bad time. Melter is god tier against a few of the more annoying bosses and encounters, to the point where I take it on sight regardless of what my build is. Nova with Creative AI is just "Play the game for a handful of turns, then wipe the field every time you draw this card". Thunder Strike has done upwards of 200 damage for me in single uses because 5 static discharge stacks with buffer is the definition of no mercy.

    The Defect currently just needs a lot of balancing out, because for every god tier card they have, they have an utterly forgettable one. Genetic Algorithm might as well not exist, Doom and Gloom is just a worse version of the Silent's Die Die Die that deals less damage, and also costs more. Rip and Tear is decent, it's two instances strike for the same cost, but you can't focus down a target with it unless it's alone. Stack and Aggregate encourage you to have a ton of cards, diluting your build and making the powerful cards you want to draw harder to mill for.

    Overall it just comes down to balance and maybe speeding up some animations and the Defect would be pretty solid. Replacing a basic Strike with a Frost Shard might be pretty nice as well, just to ease the transition into an ice build if you so choose.

  6. Baumi, I don't know if you will read this, but if you play this again, you can actually rank up the girl without giving the drugs to their inventory, and if you aim for 5*, the easiest way is to get the third starting anime girls and wait for her to be 5*

  7. you can use max level towers as nostrums of the respective star level to level up towers
    ie a 4 star nostrum can be replaced by a 4 star lv 10 tower

  8. Baumi you almost did it! But you shouldn't say everybody was leaking – it wasn't true, the yellow guy wasn't leaking at all (he even wrote it in the chat). Please, don't blame others. Don't blame Satsa. Even if they play worse than you (and they did), you can always do better! Or you can guide them (f.e. to put their towers closer to inner cycle).
    It was interesting game but I'd be more glad if you'd spend more time clearing the outer loop with the flying girl (between the waves) as you did almost the whole game, except several last waves. Despite the loss, congratulations!

  9. To unlock Manual Selection Mode ( you build your own deck ) , you need to beat 30 infinity waves on Easy mode. ( pure dmg is very good after 15+ infinity waves )

  10. mrw baumi sells cirno 3 times, when he could have gotten a 50% SLOW cuz he has Letty.
    Also, baumi, try to upgrade your Nazrin's(Money Tower's) stars, cuz she gives you a lot of gold when she gets to 4 or 5 stars, but you gonna need a solid defense or the other players to take care of your leaks, in this way, you can get enough money to get several 5 stars before wave 50.


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