Dota 2 Mods | TEAM AVATAR VS THE OGRE NATION!! | Baumi plays Legends of Dota


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Please include the specifics on the Paypal Page. If you want me to do a certain item build, please keep it to rough outlines (like “Attack Damage Windrunner”) and make sure it is reasonable. If I think your Sponsorship specifics are unreasonable or unfun I reserve the right to just not do it.


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  1. Firebenders : Lina ( Azula ) Ember Spirit , Jakiro , Dragon Knight , Doom , Storm Spirit(Bending Lightning) Zeus, Razor
    Earthbenders : Sand King, Earth Spirit ,Earthshaker,Elder Titan
    Waterbenders : Morphling,Crystal maiden,Kunkka,Tidehunter,winter wyvern,ancient appartion,tuskar,slardar,naga siren, jakiro again?
    Airbenders: Windranger?

    and the avatar is …. through the eons, he has been known with many names, but his true name is Carl.. THE INVOKER

  2. You can also take Laguna blade since fire benders can manipulate lightning. Lina is practically zuko's sister

  3. Old vid but cool! Why not make a dota 2 vid about like A team of Pandas (cause they're all elements) or a team of pigs (bara, bristle, i'd say earshaker but that was WC3 dota version haha)

  4. Earth: Fissure, Leshracs stun, avalanche, epicenter. Just cast epicenter and lock them in place

  5. Baumi for legends of dota, do the ULTIMATE DUNK!! (My idea) it's multicast, echo slam, veno's ultimate, tinker's missiles, essence aura, and blink. Items octarine core, aghhs, aether lens, blood stone, travel boots v2 and one other item.

  6. you know what would've made this even better and make them the true avatar… They should've had Infest as the Ultimate… so earth, fire, wind, and water combined into one makes the avatar.. :3

  7. the team avatar imo should be:
    1 avatar – Dual Breath, Aftershock, windrun, primal split
    2. water master – tidebringer torrent waveform ravage
    3. fire master- dragon slave, scorched earth, flame guard, chaotic offering
    4. wind master-(lightning because wind is too hard in DotA 2)zeus 2nd, static remnant, bh invis, np ulty
    5. earth master(my personal favorite for trolls)-earth spike, burrowstrike, fissure, epicenter

    recommendations welcome. pls i literally need recommended skills on these.

  8. What Baumi should do is a LoD game where it's one team of all Undyings with Meepo ult vs a 'human' team for zombie survival. XD Also: OGRES EVERYWHERE!!!!! XD

  9. Here's a good one take witch doctor malice, skeleton walk from clans links ult, laguna blade, and either sardar stun or chakram magic from KOTL

  10. build idea:
    slarks E (essence shift)
    snipers Q (take aim)
    drows aura
    meepo ulti

    then pick drow

  11. …"long time ago the DotA world live together in harmony, but then everything changed when the Orge nation attacked"


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