Dota 2 Basics | Hotkeys


Understand hotkeys and use them! Wonder why your friend has a slow reaction? Maybe they need to watch this video. Join us every Monday for our Dota 2 Basics series.

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  1. Hello, I am a newbie. I don't know how to notify with each other when I buy an item, or upgrade a new skill or talent. Can you show me.

  2. Im not playing dota but im here to know about the controls and basic how to attack to enemy and deffense your player and upgrade your heroes and i want to know also the basic how to stand and how to use a weaver heroe

  3. Gee wouldn't it be nice if all these controls were listed in the CONTROL UI? Might be a nice idea. But this is valve were talking about, whre everything is hidden and nnothing means what you think it means and even the exit icons are replaced with worthless "info buttons" that just tell you the game is by valve…..hopelessly shit ui. u can't even rebind mouse1/2 buttons! what kinda game is this!??!? all i want is space bar to center camera on hero, and left mouse key to be auto attack…or just move and not attack would be nice too rather than a select key u dont need.

  4. do anybody know how chat to all not allies but to all like if i want to chat and talk to enemy team.what should i press?


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