Donald Trump wishes Kim Jong-un well and announces immigration halt will last 60 days


PRESIDENT Donald Trump offered his support to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un on Tuesday, following reports of the leader’s dire health.

Kim Jong-un recently missed the celebration of his grandfather’s birthday on April 15, leading to speculations about his health and future as leader.

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Trump has also said he will be temporarily suspending immigration into the United States.

The president said the measure will be in effect for 60 days and was to “to protect American workers”.

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  1. Trump is the only suitable president for America at this moment in time everyone hates him but he has saved you guys from many different problems give the man some respect

  2. Last year they both are enemies now he wished him well 😂😂🤣😂 I actually feel sorry for America

  3. Trump wishes Well on Kim Jong un when he told Castro's family that the world is now better without their dad. WTF!

  4. Imagine being so mentally challenged that you attack Trump for wishing that insane communist with nukes well. Why would Trump be rude about a guy with nukes? God damn the left are so stupid

  5. What happen do the old dictator that your past american president removed or being killed. What happen to that country? Iraq Libya. More chaos more deaths! More terrorist if Mr trump didn't win in past election. U.s might get involved in another war that you called north Korean dictator. God bless Mr trump I hope you will win again for the sake of the World and your people.

  6. Well r g, politics is the most dirty job on earth. Don’t worry, hopefully North Korea will become a better country and become like South Korea and hopefully be better from then on.

  7. Why is everyone hating on Trump the only president to seek peace with NK many times we thought we would be in a pickle with them so it's only right he continues the peace by wishing him well do you want him to say I hope he dies even though we all know that's what the world wants so NK can be free smh trump is way better than shady obama or bush

  8. Kim Jong-un: Doctors please see my heart , is it beating properly..?
    Doctors silently :: Oh no his heart is beating nicely..
    Nurses ::: Let's make his heart fail and remove from body and give it to needed people !!!! He doesn't deserve his own heart..

  9. This guy never fails to amaze me, how the hell is he wishing a evil man like Kim well, they are both disgusting

  10. Kim Jong – un, is Kim Jong ill – he's obviously taking after his father and is about to peg it. What's more worrying is his sister " Kim Jong – bi" will probably be handed power and leadership…. We are all screwed if she gets her hands on the nuclear button! 😭😕

  11. He wishes good health on a ruthless communist dictator who subjects his people to endless tortures on a daily basis, I’d expect nothing more from a ruthless dictator

  12. Do you hear that, he wants to help and protect the American worker (That is what national leaders do) Boris take note.

  13. If he dies his sister will take over, and there's been a glowing report of her from an inside source…

    "She is a fair minded, progressive and innovative person. She doesn't want to be a dictator and will open up NK to the world as a democracy"
    Jus jo kin….

  14. Actually it wasn’t CNN who broke the news first he just blames CNN for everything although CNN is a republican owned company. Why doesn’t he blame any other news outlet it’s because he only cares about CNN. Trump said we are nowhere near war with North Korea. But we are very close to war with North Korea because of Donald Trump. If Kim Jong sun dies we will be very at war with North Korea because we will be the first place they attack.

  15. American voters……please get rid of this ignorant and demented mental president you stupidly inflicted on the world. Here in Britain a programme of the eighties, Spitting Image, had a regular sketch about Ronald Reagan, The President's Brain Is Missing. Trump's isn't missing, because it never existed. Get rid, please!!!!


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