Difference between Interface and Absract Class


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  1. Namaskar sir..whenever I see u .really looks u are a god for me ..how much i learnt from you..I cant explained from words .from down to now at a good position in mnc.everybody have hero in there life ..for me ur hero for my life ..not only for me even laksh of software professional are from ur video…god bless u sir

  2. I fucking hate interpreting him. Accent sucks. But the guy knows what the guck he’s talking about. #respect

  3. Hi sir great explanation Abstract class VS concrete class show one scenario sir appreciate your effort sir. I’m grinding Java now sir wanted some time in life not knowing certain things but now I’m inn sir work + java only

  4. i like your confidence that you feel proud by giving these bookish and childish differences of interface and abstract. Come out from your fantasy world and talk on real world examples. The things which we can achieve by interface the same we can achieve with abstract class as well and after java 8 what is the diff between abstract class and interface? abstarct class with all abstract method is also a fully abstract? Your vedio is not useful, Please work on this and try again.

  5. I given interview and got question on below please explain

    Asynchronous programming how achieve in #


    Extension Method

    We pass data from one app to another how we secure the data

    How secure Channel in network

    Collection can we use in multi thread env

    Concrete Dictionary


    app/json and text/json

    what are Azure Services you used


    Benefits of View

    How delete Views work

  6. Sir i have one question. why we need OOPs concept. in C language its not there in C++ its there.
    what are the problems faced they and why they come with OOP's concept ?
    please tell us

  7. You can read about it for hours on the internet again & again or just watch this video once.. :') Very well explained m/

  8. Abstract class can not be final because abstract class always extended in sub class and final class can't be extend….


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