Chris Hemsworth and Sam Hargrave Breakdown the Craziest Fight Scene in Extraction | Netflix


Chris Hemsworth and Extraction director Sam Hargrave, a former stuntman, breakdown an action-packed fight scene from their new film.

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Chris Hemsworth and Sam Hargrave Breakdown the Craziest Fight Scene in Extraction | Netflix

A hardened mercenary’s mission becomes a soul-searching race to survive when he’s sent into Bangladesh to rescue a drug lord’s kidnapped son.


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  1. should make legal complain about chris Hemsworth …they use all indian actor and place and put the name of Bangladesh …this is cheating… dishonest …..shame on you

  2. So basically they let Hemsworth tear apart a room of dudes and made this video to hide the fact he killed all of them? Gotcha 👍

  3. In our country kids don't run and fight with guns in daylight in public. Law enforcement is very strict here. You just can't come and fight with anyone with a gun.

    And the gangsters of our city don't style like hipsters.

    This is a horrible misrepresentation of the country in front of the world.


    Bangladesh is not kolkata. Here in each and every household ,we don't play hindi songs like you showed. We don't talk in that accent. What you used was kolkata accent. Just making some banners and some of our police dresses doesn't make it Bangladesh.

    There are a lot of talented and famous actors here in Bangladesh but instead of that ,they used some kolkatar dada and didi 😑

  4. I wish you cast a Bangladeshi actor for Drug lord. Because the person who act the negative role doesn’t know Bangla language properly and his acting was a shit.

  5. Do more research in the future and then go to work.
    Sam Hargrave as a new director.
    If you want to waste two hours of your life, you can sit to watch this movie

    Chris Hamsworth, as we know Thor of the Avengers, he is the hero in this movie.The city of Dhaka has been distorted in this movie. In this movie it seems that the people of Bangladesh can't speak Bengali, The Bengali language has been raped as desired.

    Will look The Dhaka city in this movie, It would seem that this is not the Dhaka city of the world.

    It’s seems there is a Dhaka city in parallel universe and the history in movie has written about that city.

    Dhaka city has been showed in this movie like that the city is totally air pollution and Fulfilled with terrorist. And each and every place are cng, rickshaw, and the house are Hindi song of the nineties, the funny is that all these scenes were not actually done in Dhaka,

    These scenes have been done in India and Thailand with made their own Dhaka city. And the result is with the wrong spelling post card, play card, car name shop name, To watch this movie as a Bangladeshi There is no way but to be annoyed, This is not the end, You will know by watching this movie The job of the Bangladesh Army Police and RAB is just to protect this mafia don named Amir Asif, They have no role in protecting the security of the country. Just there job is security to Amir Asif only. And Avengers Thor brother has destroyed our army force and save the boy. Hahaha.

    In this movie has shown the children of Dhaka are moving with AK47.

    Remember Bangladesh is not the country of Africa Continent , It is very sensitive for us. Since the people all over the world will imagine like that our country through Netflix for a few minutes.

  6. Extraction is like Pubg/Ros the movie hahhaah ived seen a lot of guns that i used in the game also that helicopter and the traffic in the bridge ahahhaha i love it. I cried when saju say goodbye to his son😭😭. I love you thor i mean tyler😆😆 the close range gun fight is amazinggggg pubg pa moreeee hahahaa

  7. Bravo NETFLIX we need more movies like this, we need more movies from SAM too, this guy is a great director and goes all out.

  8. I had to stop watching with a little over an hour left. The graphic violence was non stop. I can handle a little, but this was too much for me. Is this just a guy macho thing or what?

  9. Wanna see Chris in a Netflix Series movie not just single. Just love the guy voice, movement, structure, everything

  10. What I want to know is if the Byfrost (idk how to spell) tattoo on his back is an Easter egg or just a tattoo Chris has.

  11. That guy at 2:12 had whole 3 seconds to shoot…
    Guess he was busy trying to figure out scene in 480p like all of us….

  12. the action sequences are Really No Joke!, the one after they went out the apt is AMAZING too! it's very clever how they made that scene look like 1 whole shot. I'm sure some of the quick camera movement makes it blend right into the next. Great JOB!!! Sorry, the fight sequences are much better executed and felt a bit more impactful than the John Wick series.


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