BLACKPINK Comeback UPDATE, Jungkook Bar Oopsie, TXT Review & More!


YG recently announced that BLACKPINK will release their comeback slowly over the span of a few months, and quite frankly, I’m quite suspicious about it. On top of that, we have idols who probably should have stayed out, 2NE1’s 11th anniversary and of course TXT’s comeback to discuss so I hope you enjoy!

Don’t forget to let me know your thoughts on all these, especially your theories for “Can’t you see me” music video because I feel like there’s so much to look into!

✧ Here are some timestamps if you’d like to skip around to a specific subject! ✧ BLACKPINK’s Comeback Update 0:48 | Jungkook’s Club Oopsie 4:00 | 2NE1 11th Anniversary 6:03 | TXT “Can’t You See Me” Mini Review 7:07


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Blackpink Comeback Predictions 2020

giving BLACKPINK subunits since YG keeps clowning us 🤡

my KPOP hopes & wishes in 2020 *slightly ambitious*


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  1. ✧ Here are some timestamps if you'd like to skip around to a specific subject! ✧ BLACKPINK's Comeback Update 0:48 | Jungkook's Club Oopsie 4:00 | 2NE1 11th Anniversary 6:03 | TXT "Can't You See Me" Mini Review 7:07

  2. Personally I feel like the issue with the idols going out during this pandemic is problematic, for many reasons. The main one being, at the end of the day they’re called idols for a reason. I mean all have them have participated in campaigns petitioning citizens to stay at home. So, it’s clearly very hypocritical that they decide to go the clubs when they’ve told everyone else something different. Also, the fact that delusional fans tried to defend their idols, in Jungkook’s case they said he was at Jin’s parents place when obviously he wasn’t. Also let’s face the fact, if they were girl group members the heat they would’ve received would’ve been INSANE.

  3. We better go all out this comeback and break records left and right whenever shitg releases it, my girls really deserve better

  4. i think yg is doing this because they'll debut new groups and blackpink will go on a long hiatus. it would be better if they'd wait a little more until blackpink can handle on their own (make their own music, enough content), like twice and bts. yg knows how to make groups, but still doesn't know how to handle them.

  5. Ik this isn’t related to the video but I really like your channel pls do opinions on August D cb pls <33

  6. Obviously black pink hasnt had a main album because they were preparing for the virus a head of time. The DESIESE called YG

  7. Yg is all abt the money so he is prob waitin til the corona is gone and then bp will be going on a world tour so he can get the money

  8. See, I was triggered at first, but then you were just praising so now I'm like whatever
    Fun fact : in the choreo when they all turn around, Beomgyu, Yeonjun and Hueningkai show their pinky fingers as promise, but Soobin and Taehyun cross their fingers as for lying

  9. Regarding bp 😁

    Remember when yg said they're gonna release 8 music video as a debut project for bp in 2016 but we got only 4 mvs 💀

    Later they said they'll comeback on January 2017 with an album but it turned it was only mv which was pushed to July 💀
    This year they said they'll release an album early January but now it's due in December.

  10. I still don't understand why 97line going to restaurant was a big deal tbh? Why was it a news tho? They went to eat a week before any cases was found in itaewon. Which means there was 0 cases on April 25. And dispatch lied that they went to club 💀 anti fans were happy because they can go and hate on comment section (basically kids who later get sued by company)
    Also go watch any Korean youtuber or instagrammer who posted on that day it's literally normal lol. Also people saying they did a mistake and it was okay?



  11. LMAOOO! YOUR REACTION TO DDDD WAS EVERYTHING!!! I honestly want a full version now

    And can you make a video about More & More by Twice?

  12. If we really do get a blackpink album, we're not getting sh*t else until 2083. Yall better listen to one song per year to keep your joy cause…

  13. no offense,but everytime i see articles about the itaewon bar,theres always the name 'BTS JK' only

  14. I personally like the their strategy yg actually mentioned once that they prefer not to have one album with 10+ songs as the side songs don’t get appreciated as much that’s why bigbang used a similar strategy. This may be an excuse but personally it makes sense as we all know how yg artists and producers put so much work into each song

  15. HI LOVE THE VIDEO AS ALWAYS have been watching them almost religiously while home ✨😌 just adding a thought re: the bar oopsie (just bc I feel like people are confused why Koreans are so annoyed!) – the Korean govt issued a statement a while ago requiring anyone who was in Itaewon during a particular window (which I believe included the date they were there !!) to come forward and get tested because of the Itaewon covid cluster. I think Koreans are mad not because they broadly don’t want idols going out at all, but because it was a specific hotspot that got later identified but it doesn’t seem they came forward? Based on the facts we have now anyway! Plus it seems Eunwoo (who is actually getting the most backlash of the group in Korea) not only didn’t come forward / get tested but apparently then participated in a bunch of broadcasts despite the govt announcement, meaning anyone at those broadcasts now also has to consider themselves a potential carrier. Like yes agreed going out clubbing during iso in the first place is maybe tone deaf, but based on what I’ve been reading in korean articles i don’t think that’s the main reason people are upset!

  16. i just feel YG have their own strategy for intern selling , maybe for kpop fans its tiring to wait or its not normal just to have one cb on one year, but i just feel its YG strategy, so maybe i'll wait if my feelin is right, just experience with world musician who rarely cb but when they released album its always masterpiece, and bp song is always amazing for me , and their next cb will more bigger than before👍👏

    and for 97line case its important to read the agencies official released, than read from other media specially kpop media, i mean lately many media just want to sold their article but avoid the important things, its about money not fact anymore,
    and congrats for SK which slowly back to normal and will open/started the school soon👏i think their country handle this issue more better than my place😭 i hope this viruse will gone soon too, i miss back to work and meet my family

  17. regarding the itaewon issue: i dont think anyone is mad at them for doing something “wrong” because it’s true they didn’t break any laws. for a lot of people, including me, what was disappointing was the lack of social distancing that the guys practiced while preaching on social media about the virus and supporting health care workers (+ eunwoo and jaehyun having activities during the 2-week period). at the end of the day what their actions are more important than regular people’s because they are influential celebrities with large followings. it definitely was a lapse of moral judgement and the guys SHOULD be held accountable but they apologized so everyone should just move on

  18. Sorry to say, your breakdown of the Itaewon case is actually poor. I feel like since it's quite a heavy and serious issue to discuss you should've put more research into this if you want to talk about it.

    They didnt even went to clubs. All of the companies statement and jaehyun even mentioned in his handwritten apology that they went out to a restaurant/bar not a club. It was careless to have gone out when social distancing is advised but Korea is not under lockdown. People are living their lives normally. Almost everything is open until the second wave which happened a week after they went out.

    The backlash the boys are getting is totally overblown. Like seriously leave them alone. Dispatch was totally shady to release a report that happened about a month ago. Big fat chance that they were covering up nth room case news that wad exposed on the same day. I'm still disturbed by the fact that they are still going around stalking celebrities, trying to drag them to the dirt.

    Anyways if you guys have time please check out NCT 127's Punch 💚

  19. dude i don't know i feel like YG has been lying to us cause he said that blackpink had finished recording like two moths ago and now he said they finished recording again?!?!??!??!?!?and i swear on the new album if i hear dududdududuudduu comic acoustic japanese version i'm going to scream-

    also didn't they say that they were going to move the comeback to September-


  20. Ok so blackpink is releasing album finally but like whole album in September and before that only 3 songs … What take it so long I am a blinkarmy compare to bts who have already given a massive album and now again all kill collaboration of sugar and iu and after in June we are getting Japanese album and in October their self-made album. And like shit yg is literally wasting these talented girls like just they have enough talent that can do much more but just bcz of him they are not able to present their whole talent it sucks

  21. I’m not even a blink I’m only a casual listener of them and yet I still don’t believe of YG’s plans, no one will take him seriously

  22. YG: it's going to be a November comeback
    2 months later..
    YG: its going to be an April comeback
    1 month later
    YG: June comeback
    YG: June July and September comebacks
    Are they trying to make us wait as long as possible?

  23. u guys know that if it was a member of a gg going out during the pandemic, the person would be dragged to the mud severely and canceled right away, but since it's boys people are just coming with proof to justify their actions…but yeah go on I guess

  24. people: getting mad at idols because they were in a restaurant (before the virus even happened)

    also people: flock the malls and groceries with no social distancing, leaves the house and go to beaches.

    South Korea never had a lockdown, they are strict about social distancing and mass testing, they are able to produce hundreds of thousands of testing kits.

  25. I kinda a little bit disappointed to JK coz everytime BTS is mention in any issue his name is always there like the car incident and the tattoo.

    Don't mind me, I'm just unaccostomed in hearing BTS names in issues which are true and not just rumors.


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