2020 iPad Pro Review: It's… A Computer?!


The iPad Pro refresh is impressive. But does it answer the question?

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  1. Hey Marques, I wanted to ask you what screen protector is good for my iPad 7gen? My sister recommended bersem paper-like film screen protector but I found it to be a bit rough. Should I get a screen protector for an iPad because the guy that sold me the iPad told me that it could ruin the lamination? I don't know what to get. If you do recommend getting one, can you recommend a smoother one!

  2. Thank you for the overview. The day I can create more than one 24×36 posters at 300 dpi, and have a legit file management system that's easily manageable and organizable will be the day I won't need my laptop anymore. I love my iPad Pro 11", and in many ways, it has been a game-changer, but it still has a ways to go if it is going to eliminate the need for a laptop. Understandably, that all depends on what you actually use it for though. As a designer, illustrator, photographer, and video editor it does a lot of what I need it to do, but the limitations can be a bummer when you're running full steam ahead.

  3. I would not realise that you are recording audio with the ipad instead of your microphone if you did not tell us

  4. THANK YOU for making that point about What's a computer, I'm still laughing. I remember that commercial and had the same reaction. WTH apple.

  5. Once Apple drops Xcode, Final Cut X and Logic Pro X for iPad, I'd HAPPILY spend over a $1K for this. God I can't wait for that day.


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